Thomas P. Coleman

"Designing portfolios for current income and capital preservation through high-quality fixed-income investments"
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Designing portfolios for current income and capital preservation through high-quality fixed income investments. Client-focused customization Throughout the ever-changing economic environments and market variability, my charge has remained the same—to deliver wealth management strategies that address clients' individualized mandates and put their assets to use. Conservative strategies for portfolio management I take a conservative approach and offer fixed income investment strategies to help high-net-worth clients target the preservation of capital. I am especially adept at working with retirees to develop portfolios that supplement their income potential (current income). Most importantly, I couple significant capital markets proficiency and long-term financial planning with the goal of building wealth and leaving a legacy for future generations. An institutional approach to personal investments My deep institutional background affords exposure to a breadth of strategies and opportunities not readily available to individual investors. This differentiation enables me to provide a more sophisticated advisory experience than you may have previously encountered. Experience-driven capabilities Recognizing that the most important goal for most clients is to preserve capital and that quality investments are generally rewarded over time, I leverage my many years of market experience to select fixed income investments that aim to provide consistent returns over time. Emphasis is placed on investing across the yield curve both in taxable and tax-exempt securities. Ongoing reviews enable me to adjust strategies as markets and situations evolve.



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