"Helping mitigate downside risk is the bedrock of our decision-making."
Brian Devane

Brian Devane

"Helping mitigate downside risk is the bedrock of our decision-making."
About Brian Devane

Customized institutional and private client investment services

My group navigates the balance between institutionally focused investment management for corporations and private clients.

Our approach is grounded in the belief that asset allocation should drive the majority of the investment experience. We forge a relationship with you based on building trust, formulating a strategic investment plan and enhancing your personal experience.
Drawing on our years of experience in asset management, commercial banking and the debt capital markets, we offer investment services to defined contribution and defined benefit pension plans, working closely with retirement plan administrators and recordkeeping entities to address their complex objectives. Our experience in the nonprofit and hospital communities enables us to structure sophisticated strategies similar to those employed by larger organizations. We emphasize downside risk management. Asking "what could go wrong?" is the bedrock of our decision-making.
We also work with private clients, beginning with an in-depth assessment of your situation, followed by a customized asset allocation and portfolio that encompasses your time horizon, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and tax and regulatory requirements. Cultivating a culture of trust based on respect, understanding your feelings and objectives and adding value, we harness the entirety of our experience to offer guidance on the things that matter most to you. Our mission is to help you stay on track and adhere to your long-term plan during periods of market fluctuation, so you can make decisions based on our strategy rather than on your emotions. We further refine your experience by implementing planning techniques to assist in tax mitigation, trust and estates and retirement planning.
Being responsive and keeping our word are our most paramount values. We have built our reputation based on one client at a time, and the deep relationships we have forged with institutions, individuals and their families are our lasting legacy.

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