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"Our team taps the extensive resources of J.P. Morgan to provide a wealth of value-added services."
About The MHC Group


The MHC Group serves the wealth management needs of entrepreneurs, business owners, and high-net-worth individuals and their families who have worked hard to acquire significant capital and are looking for tax-efficient ways in which to make these assets work for them.
Holistic financial planning
We understand first-hand the desire to grow, preserve and transfer wealth in a manner that is consistent with personalized goals. By evaluating both sides of the balance sheet and providing you with tailored financial plans, we attend to the astute organization of every aspect of your investment life.
Core proficiencies
Our team taps the extensive resources of J.P. Morgan to provide a wealth of value-added services. We have strong competencies to address customized needs for lending opportunities, executive services and ERISA accounts.
Distinguished capabilities
We offer the structure and strength of a fully integrated wealth management practice coupled with the substance of our deep capabilities. While our credentials are differentiated and our skillsets distinctive, we are united in a common mission.
Backed by an industry leader
Our team leverages the investment platforms and intellectual capital of J.P. Morgan, a global powerhouse in asset and wealth management. Our clients benefit from boutique-level support combined with the fortress balance sheet of one of the largest and most respected financial firms in the world.

Investment Approach

Plan. Enhance. Protect.
Most clients invest to grow and maintain their wealth. But wealth is rarely an end in itself—it often serves as a springboard toward your personal and business aspirations and goals. As a group of advisors who have worked diligently to cultivate a successful practice, we understand first-hand the depth of this ambition. Our mandate is to build financial strategies that help your assets work for you.
Holistic wealth management
We serve the wealth management needs of business owners, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and successful professionals. Our integrated approach considers the totality of each client's financial picture. We bring a robust background in lending, investment management, retirement planning and executive services to address a broad range of personal requirements—tailored portfolios, generational wealth transfer ideas, private banking and more.
Goals-based approach
Recognizing that every financial scenario is different, we use a disciplined process that is attuned to your specific needs and goals. This involves a thorough data gathering to look at both sides of the balance sheet, analyzing liabilities as well as assets to see how they may be better managed.
We draw on our significant foundation in asset allocation, diversification and investment management to explore potential trade-offs and projected outcomes. As a team with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM on staff, we design and implement customized plans that align with personalized objectives.
Efficient portfolio construction
Our strategy is to build portfolios using ETFs and other indexed investments to create tax-advantaged results at a reasonable cost. We believe this approach enables us to construct efficient and tailored portfolios that are sustainable for the near and long terms.
By tapping the institutional research of J.P. Morgan, we have direct access to the intellectual capital that informs our investment decisions. We remain agnostic in our financial ideas and make full use of the firm's open architecture platform.
Portfolios are allocated to take the least amount of risk possible to accomplish a client's goals. We look for vulnerabilities and hedge our strategies to help avoid downside exposure.
Core proficiencies
Once individualized opportunities have been identified for a client, we tap the extensive resources of J.P. Morgan to provide a wealth of value-added services. Our team is particularly adept at developing approaches to address the specific requirements for borrowing options, concentrated holdings and pension plans.

  • Lending, credit and mortgages
  • Executive servicesRule 10b5-1 plan design and execution
    Form 144 filings for corporate insiders
  • ERISA accounts

Delta strategies
Our experience has led us to a series of principles that we deploy on behalf of our clients. We find that through consistent application of these strategies, we open up pockets of opportunity for the benefit of our clients.

  • Maintain liquidity and position clients to profit from the risk they are taking
  • Maximize cash flow, and leverage a disciplined process to better align assets against strategies with the highest probability of achieving goals

Capabilities backed by outstanding credentials
We have shaped The MHC Group around a highly credentialed team of professionals with differing yet complementary backgrounds. Our synergies work on many levels to help ensure robust support for an inclusive array of financial needs.
Partnering together, we serve as your trusted advisors to help protect, preserve and grow your wealth, and secure your legacy for future generations.

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