"Through a consultative process, I identify the objectives and needs that are most important to you, and design tailored investment strategies to address these needs."
A. Dale Mitchell

A. Dale Mitchell

"Through a consultative process, I identify the objectives and needs that are most important to you, and design tailored investment strategies to address these needs."
About A. Dale Mitchell


I deliver comprehensive wealth management and estate planning strategies for high- and ultra-high-net-worth clients that help care for the entirety of each financial picture.
My particular focus is on risk mitigation. I handle your wealth as if it were my own, with a conservative approach that is designed to help preserve and protect significant capital.
Through a consultative process, I identify the objectives and needs that are most important to you, and design tailored investment strategies to address these needs. The portfolios I build and manage typically comprise fixed income vehicles and high-quality equities.
By working closely with your attorneys, CPAs and other advisors, I am able to attend to every element of your financial life. My goal is to help you pursue your goals by providing the necessary guidance, platforms and services that you seek through my direct access to the world-class resources of J.P. Morgan.

Investment Approach

Delivering comprehensive wealth planning
Managing the complexities of significant assets requires careful consideration, informed decision making and risk-averse approaches. As a trusted advisor, I bring more than 25 years of financial experience to help high- and ultra-high-net-worth families protect their accumulated wealth, create predictable, tax-advantaged income streams and provide for their financial futures.
Consultative and client-centric
I place a tremendous value on process, taking the time to understand the entirety of each client's financial picture and listening intently to understand the nuances and priorities of their distinct situations. By taking a consultative approach, I strive to foster deep and enduring relationships that impart significant value and guidance. My focus is trained on personalized financial goals, time horizons and risk parameters.
Longer-term perspective
I recognize that clients have taken significant financial risks to accumulate their assets, and my priority is to seek capital preservation in a tax-advantaged manner. The long-term strategies I employ leverage the firm's open architecture platform, and I select the most suitable investment vehicles from all major equity and fixed income categories. Near-term concerns are also addressed.
Conservatively biased approach
My overall methodology is risk averse, and I create tailored portfolios that consist predominately of tax-free municipal bonds. Attentive evaluation of the big picture enables me to vary between tax-free and taxable instruments in search of the optimal return, which is impacted by evolving interest rates and tax rates. I personally manage all fixed income investments. The remainder of the allocation typically comprises blue chip equities and funds.
An emphasis on estate planningI work closely with your attorneys, CPAs and the firm's estate tax planning experts to identify the best ways in which to help you achieve your personal financial goals. Through a collaborative partnership, we apply our collective knowledge to generate impactful ideas to structure and transfer wealth for future generations.
World-class resources
At J.P. Morgan Wealth Management, I have access to the resources of one of the largest and most admired financial firms in the world. Backed by the firm's thought leadership, research, due diligence, and wide array of investment managers and vehicles, I employ these resources on behalf of my clients to deliver the highest caliber of wealth management guidance.

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