About Brian

Brian King is a Wealth Advisor with J.P. Morgan Wealth Management.

Brian advises professionals across the span of their careers, from wealth accumulators seeking goals-based planning strategies to business owners contemplating exit plans. Regardless of where clients are along their financial journey, he delivers the intellectual strength and award-winning research1 for which J.P. Morgan is known.

Brian serves as a sounding board and a one-stop shop for clients. His focus is on delivering a holistic approach, drawing upon more than a decade of experience in both the private bank and as a lending product specialist, to advise clients on both sides of their balance sheet. He assists them in navigating the breadth of J.P. Morgan's resources to develop a wealth management plan that positions them financially for the future.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio—he is a die-hard hometown sports fan—Brian graduated from Ohio University with a B.B.A. in Finance. He migrated to Cincinnati to begin his financial services career and then moved to Chicago to join J.P. Morgan's private bank as a product partner. There, while supporting the Dallas-based team, he built solid relationships that prompted his pivot to a wealth advisor role.

Brian and his wife are parents of two young boys and are happy to be raising their family in the warm and welcoming environment of Frisco. He is developing his network and expanding J.P. Morgan's presence in the surrounding neighborhoods, where his Midwest values resonate with other like-minded individuals. In addition to family activities, he enjoys traveling and golfing.

One of Brian's core principles is to give back to his community. While in Chicago, he volunteered with First Tee, which sponsors youth golf programs in underserved areas, and is one of the family-first philanthropic initiatives he hopes to replicate in Frisco.



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