About Alex Fowler

Bespoke strategies built around your needs.

I listen carefully to each individual's unique story, helping them articulate how they want their wealth to impact themselves, their families, future generations and the community around them. I truly understand that when clients share their financial aspirations, they are welcoming me to a very personal part of their lives.

A relationship-driven focus

I feel honored by that privilege and am passionate about providing clients with the highest level of attentive care—an exclusive, holistic approach to wealth management backed by the strength of J.P. Morgan, a global financial leader. My solution orientation enables me to integrate needs for banking, lending, investments and more. I partner alongside my clients to share the extensive range of J.P. Morgan's resources.

  • Investment management
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Banking & lending
  • Award-winning research1

1 Source: Institutional Investor, 2021. 2 Wealth Management Specialists can help Wealth Advisors on a case-by-case client basis depending on the situation and need.

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Specialist Resources

Our network of product and service specialists provide the specific capabilities and expertise to address your unique financial needs, no matter how complex.

Patrick Schultz
Executive Director, Wealth Planning and Advice



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