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"By examining myriad factors that comprise our clients’ financial lives and embracing their most cherished goals, we have attracted an impressive clientele whose talents and ambitions demand an extra measure of financial acumen and personal attention."
About The Jordan Group

At The Jordan Group, we take a distinctive, multi-disciplined approach to wealth management. We expect you'll find it is more personal, comprehensive and meaningful than what you may find elsewhere.
Led by Dominique Jordan—a seasoned advisor who "cut his teeth" at several leading financial firms since entering the field in 2005—we offer an intense focus and systematic approach typically found in a family office environment. By being consistent and sensitive to clients' lifestyles and livelihoods, we help them preserve and expand their wealth in ways that align with their visions and values.
Who do we serve?
Successful men and women with ages, interests and outlooks similar to ours. They include private equity and other senior-level financial executives, professional athletes and civil servants in the Los Angeles area, throughout California, Washington state, Wyoming, New York and Washington D.C. We also serve heirs of families we've assisted for years.
Where are you now? Where do you want to go? How are we going to get there?
Our clients face more complex—and often conflicting—wealth management challenges as their families grow and their wealth increases. So rather than make assumptions, we make time to help clients explore their motivations and identify underlying concerns they may not have shared previously—even with a close friend or family member.
We may ask:
"What is your vision of a meaningful life?"
"Why do you work so hard?"
"What do you envision your life five or ten years from now?"
"How do you see your life in retirement?" "Who are you responsible for—a child, an elderly parent, your employees?"
"Why have you come to us—and why now?"
Applying our emotional intelligence, asking questions and listening to what clients say or don't say, we are able to craft asset protection, tax-efficient transfer of wealth and support for causes our clients care about—many we support ourselves.
We also help clients answer their own questions, especially those related to family and business issues:
" How do I define fairness, when passing wealth to my children?"
"What should I say when my children ask if we are rich?"
"How can I use our wealth to empower our kids, rather than watch it inhibit their ability to achieve on their own?"
"I have sold the company that gave meaning and purpose to my life. What do I do next?"
" What happens to the management of my assets should I become incapacitated?" "How can I get my family interested in philanthropy?"
"Do my charitable donations have the impact I intend?"
"Does my asset allocation make sense, given my risk tolerance?"
"Does my estate plan reflect recent tax law changes?"
"How should I think about investments in the context of my estate plan, tax situation and anticipated spending?"
"How can I use debt more strategically to reach my financial goals?"
Insulating clients' wealth now, and strengthening their family's financial security for the future
Being a responsible steward of our clients' wealth demands that we help them pass along wealth and wisdom to their children and grandchildren. Often, we gather family members for discussions, so that an original work ethic and values can be shared and understood, crafting family mission statements and creating governance structures. These meetings also allow us to understand the situations and ambitions of all stakeholders—leading to our development of family mission statements and family governance structures.
From these communications and close relationships, we can recommend tax-minimization and estate planning strategies that can help provide clients with benefits that span generations. It is our practice to build the integrity of each family's wealth management structure and to help preserve and enhance the independence and protection of fiduciaries. We offer to align our efforts with those of clients' CPAs and attorneys.
Our investment approach is driven by clients' goals and the strategy they've agreed upon
Clients come to us to stay wealthy, not become rich. Our mission is to establish an appropriate risk-adjusted asset allocation that provides high inflation-adjusted return. Our risk allocation framework gives us an estimate of total risk of the strategy. Experience has taught us that most clients' financial goals are best pursued by maintaining an allocation that aligns with their risk tolerance and overall financial scenario. To do so, we use a wide array of asset classes and strategies to design an approach customized to their needs. Our goal is to help preserve and grow a family's wealth across generations and market cycles.
We admire and support your philanthropic goals
One of the most gratifying aspects of our job is helping clients define and satisfy their philanthropic goals. We offer insight and support for private foundations, donor-advised funds and other charitable vehicles. With the right advice, your good intentions can become your greatest legacy. Your favorite causes can become family causes and your wealth can become a tool to change lives.

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