"We develop deep and lasting relationships with the clients we advise, demonstrating how much we value them through our accessibility, tailored advice and exceptional service."
The McNamee White Group

The McNamee White Group

"We develop deep and lasting relationships with the clients we advise, demonstrating how much we value them through our accessibility, tailored advice and exceptional service."

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2024 • 2023
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2024 • 2023
About The McNamee White Group

At The McNamee White Group, we appreciate the many demands that significant wealth can pose. We advise a limited number of wealth creators—entrepreneurs, professional investors and senior executives—who see us as trusted members of their inner circle. We also work with several nonprofit organizations, including endowments and foundations. To each of these relationships, we are proud to bring a culture of excellence—a commitment to do right by the clients we advise, summoning our best efforts to support their ambitions and lend clarity and structure to their finances.
The clients who engage our advice come from diverse paths. Many are private equity founders and managing partners. Others are senior executives in the entertainment industry. And still others have forged their own path to wealth. Our goal as a team is to make their finances simpler, easier and less worrisome. We believe that wealth is a springboard to freedom. By calming down the complexity of clients' financial lives, we look to free them from the day-to-day concerns of managing their wealth, allowing them to focus on the people and priorities they value.
Knowledge based in experience
Our team founders, John McNamee and Dan White, have worked in private wealth management since 1996. As a result, they bring the knowledge they have gained from direct experience advising an accomplished clientele. They are joined by team members Kyle Briggs, Joseph Thomason, Jennifer Lee, Tania Gordon and J.M. Cunningham, who work in concert to create a client experience founded on consistency and responsiveness— anticipating client needs and following through on those priorities with steady resolve.
As a team, we recognize that significant wealth is different—in its scale, its pressures and its intricacies. We are skilled in listening attentively to clients and helping families and nonprofits put the structures in place to uncover efficiencies, enhance communication, resolve issues and make steady progress toward their objectives.
We think of our team as a family helping other families. To that end, we share in a family's joys and challenges, walking with them through wealth and all that it encompasses.
Long-term relationships, built on trust
We are proud of our enduring record of service to client families—many of which now extend to second and third generations. These clients look to us for differentiated advice that engages directly with their priorities:
ㅤ- An emphasis on wealth preservation. The clients who engage our assistance are extremely successful. We look to build upon that success through investment management designed to pursue positive returns with limited volatility. Our team features the talents of two Investment Associates, Kyle Briggs and Joseph Thomason, who hold the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation, widely considered to be the preeminent investment credential in the industry.
ㅤ- An insistence on exceptional service. There are many things we cannot control in wealth management—the markets, geopolitical trends, economic environments and tax legislation. One aspect, however, that we have direct control over is the quality of service we can provide. We look to deliver the highest level of care and consideration, surrounding each client with attentiveness that conveys how much we value them.
ㅤ- An eagerness to help. We were drawn to wealth management because it allows us to have a measurable impact on the lives of the people we advise. Clients come to us with varied needs—from financial planning and investment management to cash flow, wealth transfer and family wealth dynamics. We help them clarify what they want to accomplish, charting a pathway to their objectives through the union of strategy, advice and service. In parallel with these efforts, we are proud to enhance the financial literacy of successive generations while serving as a mediating influence on a family's emotional governance, adding to their peace of mind.

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