About Christian

Christian Parfit is a Vice President and Wealth Advisor with J.P. Morgan Wealth Management.

He works closely with a diverse range of successful individuals including attorneys, members of the medical and healthcare communities, financial and insurance/ reinsurance executives who have built a prosperous career and seek guidance to transform their hard work into a sustainable legacy. His objective is to help wealthy individuals meet and exceed their financial goals. By leveraging the full breath of services at J.P. Morgan and taking a holistic approach to each client's balance sheet, Christian is able to build a tailored investment plan that reflects their personalized needs.

Before joining J.P. Morgan, Christian was with UBS, where he held roles within the Global Wealth Management division, operating from both South and North America. He began as a Senior Wealth Strategist and rose to Vice President and Private Wealth Advisor, working with select clients from the U.S. and Bermuda to guide them through their sophisticated financial opportunities and challenges.

Christian completed his M.S. at the University of Miami School of Business and earned a B.A. at Wake Forest University. Passionate about participating in the development of the next generation of students and professionals, he recently completed his term as a board member of the University of Miami Leadership Institute.



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