"Our wealth management methodology is very exacting, and we research and select individualized securities on an account-by-account basis."
Wealth Partners
The Taggart Group

Wealth Partners
The Taggart Group

"Our wealth management methodology is very exacting, and we research and select individualized securities on an account-by-account basis."

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About The Taggart Group


The Taggart Group manages the financial affairs of prosperous families. Our team is experienced in addressing the sophisticated complexities that often accompany great accomplishments. This emphasis on the many aspects of your financial life enables us to serve as your advocate and help secure a legacy for generations to come.
Our team dedicates time and resources to a limited number of high-net-worth individuals and their families so that we can provide an attentive and holistic investment management approach akin to a family-office experience. We collaborate and communicate in a transparent manner and unfailingly act in your best interest.
Our wealth management methodology is very exacting, and we research and select individualized securities on an account-by-account basis. Through this goals-based process, we tailor each strategy individually to your unique needs and multi-generational financial objectives.
As a particular area of focus, we are highly adept at constructing investment portfolios around concentrated exposure. We balance asset allocation, investment location and risk mitigation so the aggregation of all investment strategies conveys a cohesive picture.
More importantly, we build trusted relationships to provide you with the comfort and confidence to stay the course.

Investment Approach

A Dedication to What Matters Most
At the Taggart Group, we understand that your portfolio represents a compilation of your life's work, ambition, opportunities and investments. Significant wealth can also create complex financial issues that require a dedicated and experienced team.
Our mission is to relieve the stress that often accompanies these great accomplishments by offering comprehensive guidance that addresses all aspects of your financial life.
A Customized Approach
At the Taggart Group, we offer the personalized support of a boutique firm, while having access to all the resources of a world-class financial institution. Our holistic wealth management approach helps clients manage their financial needs, touching on financial and estate planning, tax considerations, managing concentrated investments, and more.
As trusted stewards of your family's financial legacy, we provide leadership and direction to manage your family dynamics across multiple generations. Our team understands that the continuity of your financial values is essential and we assist with guiding and preparing younger generations for the responsibilities that accompany the inheritance of wealth.
An Allegiance to Client Service
We offer the highest levels of attention and responsiveness to help you navigate the wealth management process in both prosperous and challenging times. Our team has worked together for many years, thus, we bring rigorous due diligence to the details of every relationship.
A Goals-Based Process
Recognizing that every financial scenario is different, we use a consultative process that is designed to identify your specific needs and objectives. This process involves a deep diagnostic assessment that looks at assets, profiles and time horizons. By identifying your specific circumstances, we are best positioned to address your personalized concerns.
Active Portfolio Management
Michael is a member of J.P. Morgan Wealth Management' prestigious Portfolio Manager Program, a select group of advisors who manage discretionary client portfolios and are subject to regular quantitative and qualitative reviews. The team leverages this distinctive designation to select individual securities and to create tailored portfolios to meet each client's unique needs.
Individual security selection allows us to work around clients' existing concentrated investments, whether it be avoiding sectors where a corporate executive has stock exposure to his or her current employer, or diversifying into other sectors less correlated with an existing privately held entity.
J.P. Morgan, an Industry Leader
We are proud to draw upon the institutional research and intellectual insight of J.P. Morgan, a global leader in asset and wealth management, to bring forward-thinking investment and planning ideas to our clients. By focusing on the synergies of planning and investing, we remain focused on enhancing your wealth, better positioning you to meet your goals.

Our Mission

We understand that well-managed investment portfolios provide an opportunity for clients to do great things for their families. Our group is honored to be entrusted with such an important role. We deliver high-touch client service with integrity, honesty and attention to detail.
Our Belief:
Clients are unique, with distinct needs, circumstances and objectives. They merit a portfolio designed specifically to reflect these individualized goals.
Our Promise:
We deliver boutique-quality attention and personalized guidance. Our investment approaches reflect the input of each client's outside advisors—attorneys, accountants and other professionals—to help enhance potential outcomes.
Our Process:
The starting point for our process is the articulation of short and long-term investment goals.
We perform a thorough data gathering and analyze existing investments with a sensitivity to tax implications.
From these inputs, we create a wealth plan that incorporates all objectives.
Coordination with our clients' tax advisors helps ensure future investments are appropriately structured for tax minimization.
We monitor portfolios on an ongoing basis and measure progress toward the established goals.
Through frequent client meetings, we review portfolio results and discuss changes to objectives or strategies that may result from evolving impacts.
Our Portfolios:
We structure portfolios that help capitalize on long-term investment trends, reduce capital gains taxes and enhance potential returns.
Portfolios are comprised of individual stocks and bonds which we manage in-house, rather than allocating to outside investment managers.
We believe this approach provides the highest degree of liquidity, transparency and customization.

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