About James

James Foote is an Executive Director and Wealth Advisor at J.P. Morgan Wealth Management.

James brings over thirty years of industry experience to advise individuals, multi-generational families, small institutions and small business owners. He delivers comprehensive guidance and investment strategies that help add value across the entirety of their assets. James focuses on risk management across the equity and fixed income markets. He draws on his vast investment advisory experience to implement asset allocations that align with clients' risk profiles and desired returns, tailored specifically to their needs.

Taking a holistic approach to wealth management, James strives to deliver the full capabilities of the firm directly to each individual. He follows a top-down process, working collaboratively so clients feel as if they are part of a family office. James utilizes the strengths of J.P. Morgan's award-winning research1 in tandem with J.P. Morgan's trading desks to execute the various strategies. He is also skilled in cash management.

James attended Rutgers University and started his extensive career at MPV Securities in 1991. Before joining J.P. Morgan, he was at Paine Webber, Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. James has an extensive background in trading that includes municipals, corporates, high yields and mortgage-backed securities. He has also created sophisticated options strategies designed to hedge concentrated stock holdings and market risk utilizing zero-cost collars and other innovative approaches.

James resides in Fairfield County, CT, with his wife, Kim, daughter, Liz, and dogs Spencer and Avery. In his spare time, he enjoys a round of golf, sailing and spending time up at the Cape with his family.

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