About The Bregman Rowe Group

Tailored wealth planning and investment management strategies.

The Bregman Rowe Group delivers a range of planning and financial advisory services to you, your children, and your grandchildren. We guide you on the complexities of investment management, creating an investment portfolio and selecting the appropriate securities to help create long-term growth and income aligned with your financial and personal goals. We advise you on wealth transfer and legacy planning strategies, now and for the generations to come.

We begin with an initial meeting to get to know you— your aspirations, background, and the people and things you value most. We believe that this introspection can foster a deep relationship and inform our overall decision-making. During our initial meeting, we explain our strategy and emphasize that our most important role is to protect your principal, offering the potential for reasonable growth and generating cash flow from dividends and interest.
Because investment management forms the foundation for helping you pursue your goals, our mission is to deliver BOTH return of capital and return on capital. Early in our financial services careers, we learned the value of helping to convey an understanding of the risk/reward ratio associated with investing and the proper valuation that dictates appropriate purchase prices. We incorporate these tenets into the advisory services we deliver.
Recognizing that the investment landscape can be overwhelming, we synthesize the markets, news headlines and global events to educate you and help you overcome any anxiety you may experience during market fluctuations.
We have deliberately built our team to reflect a combination of complementary skills and experience in planning, investment acumen and relationship management so we may serve you from both a quantitative and qualitative viewpoint.
>> Wealth planning
>> Investment management – Equities – Fixed income – Alternative investments – Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
>> Tax mitigation
>> Cash management
>> Trust and estates
>> Banking
>> Mortgages
>> Lending

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