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"I take an attentive approach and invest time upfront to truly understand individualized needs, goals, ambitions and aspirations."

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About Benjamin

Ben Mayo is a Wealth Advisor with J.P. Morgan Wealth Management.

As a member of The Canell Group, he provides holistic financial planning services for high-net-worth individuals, corporate executives, start-up founders and clients approaching retirement. Drawing on his experience in wealth management, Ben is adept at addressing the opportunities and complexities that often accompany significant accomplishment.

He believes that each client presents a highly personalized scenario—whether they seek diversification out of a concentrated position, income generation, capital preservation, are facing a liquidity event or wish to secure the financial future for the next generation.

Ben takes an attentive approach and invests time upfront to truly understand individualized needs, goals, ambitions and aspirations. He pays particular attention to a client's income and lifestyle requirements, risk tolerance and time horizons to create a comprehensive financial picture.

Ben leverages these insights and the intellectual capital and resources of J.P. Morgan, one of the largest and most renowned financial firms in the world, to deliver tailored strategies and allocations. He provides access to the firm's wide array of products and services—trust and estate strategies, philanthropy ideas, pension plans, credit, lending and mortgages—to help holistically care for the totality of each client's needs. Always driven toward a career on Wall Street, Ben earned a B.S. in Finance at Lehigh University. Committed to giving back, he has served as a mentor for the Bigs and Littles NYC organization, helping underprivileged high school students with financial literacy and college planning. Ben has also been an active member of the Wall Street Council for Lehigh's Business School since graduation. Ben is an avid golfer, enjoys traveling, and loves spending time with his family and friends. He currently resides in New York City with his wife, Brianna, and their dog, Jax.

1. Barron's Top 100 Teams is a ranking of wealth advisory teams that specialize in serving individuals and families. The teams are ranked on a variety of factors, including their size and shape, the regulatory records and credentials of their members and the resources they have at their disposal to serve their client bases. The teams listed specialize in managing wealth on behalf of individuals and families, as opposed to large organizations and companies. An increasing number of these teams provide services extending beyond investment management: estate planning, taxes and philanthropy.

2. Forbes Top 200 Wealth Manager Ranking algorithm is based on quality of practice, including: telephone and in-person interviews, client retention, industry experience, review of compliance records, firm nominations; and quantitative criteria, including: assets under management and revenue generated for their firms. Investment performance is not a criterion because client objectives and risk tolerances vary, and advisors rarely have audited performance reports. Rankings are based on the opinions of SHOOK Research, LLC, which does not receive compensation from the advisors or their firms in exchange for placement on a ranking.

3. SHOOK Research considered advisors born in 1980 or later with a minimum four years relevant experience. Ranking algorithm is based on qualitative and quantitative measures derived from interviews and surveys, and quantitative criteria, such as AUM and revenue generated for their firms. Rankings are based on the opinions of SHOOK Research, LLC. Neither SHOOK nor Forbes receives compensation from the advisors or their firms in exchange for placement on a ranking. Forbes/SHOOK Top Wealth Management Teams Best-In-State (1/12/23). Data as of 3/31/22.Ratings may not guarantee future success or results. Fee paid to rating provider for advertisement materials after rating announced. Methodology here:



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