Alan Ertel

"I focus on providing comprehensive wealth management, investment consulting and institutional services."
About Alan Ertel


Alan Ertel is an Executive Director and Wealth Advisor with J.P. Morgan Wealth Management. With over three decades of experience in the financial arena, he focuses on providing comprehensive wealth management, investment consulting and institutional services. His diverse background has acquainted him with markets on a global scale and enables him to serve a wide range of clients, including high-net-worth families, small business owners, corporate executives, foundations, institutions and retirees.
Recognizing that every financial situation is different, Alan sees his role as that of trusted advisor, providing leadership and direction to develop appropriate investment strategies. His industry knowledge and tenure with the firm assist him in bringing together the necessary professionals to address client needs. Whether the objective is to purchase a second home, sell a business or diversify a concentrated stock position, Alan engages the vast planning and financial resources available at J.P. Morgan—strategic investments, trusts and estates, private banking, philanthropy, mortgages and credit—to address clients' specific requirements and help them meet their individual goals.

Tailored Investment Approach

Alan employs a highly individualized approach to each client and their particular financial focus that extends beyond investment advice and implementation. His process is anchored in careful due diligence, which involves a thorough assessment of a client's assets, liabilities, sources of income, living expenses, and retirement options. Alan identifies each client's objectives—financial growth, preserving capital or a steady flow of monthly income—and develops tailored plans that align with their goals. He utilizes equities, fixed income instruments, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and private equity to construct each strategy. Alan maintains and monitors investment plans with efficiency and clarity to address changes in personal scenarios or market conditions and strives for returns that are superior to the S&P 500.
Using a needs-based framework, Alan helps clients develop and execute clear, disciplined investment plans that provide for short-term liquidity, long-term growth and, importantly, risk tolerance. He invests with two main goals: to increase the probability of success and to ensure peace of mind with planning and risk-adjusted returns. The J.P. Morgan platform allows Alan to leverage intellectual capital on a global basis and relationships that provide access to some of the best money managers around the world.

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