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The Croitoroo Group offers over 50 years of combined experience working with institutions, corporations, small business owners, families and high-net-worth individuals. We provide comprehensive wealth management through a personalized, custom boutique approach, incorporating investment planning, banking and lending to serve our clients across the globe. Clients can benefit from this experience whether they seek short-term tactical investment opportunities, a disciplined portfolio management approach or a more comprehensive long-term wealth management strategy. Regardless of time horizon or objective, our team has the flexibility to serve your financial needs.
For our institutional and individual clients, we offer a variety of proprietary equity and fixed income strategies within the J.P. Morgan Wealth Management Portfolio Manager Program. The portfolio management process, structured yet flexible, recognizes that each client needs and deserves a customized investment plan.
For our corporate clients, we build cash management solutions tailored to their' specific liquidity and performance needs. Working closely with a company's CFO and Treasurer, we create a tailored strategy that appropriately serves the client's guidelines concerning duration, creditworthiness and targeted yield. Furthermore, we have experience partnering with corporate clients large and small, local and foreign, public and private, and across a range of industries.

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