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"I learned from my father (who founded our group) that the best advisors put the needs of their clients first. As a CFP® professional, my responsibility extends to a fiduciary obligation—to act as a responsible steward of a client’s wealth, to serve their best interests, and continue rigorous industry training that gives me an extra measure of knowledge and insight. I am proud of the generations of clients I serve, and especially, the manner in which I serve them."

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About The Berg Wealth Management Group

For decades, we've applied our wealth management and business skills to address the specialized financial needs of a select clientele. Inspired by their visions and values, we are devoted to helping these accomplished people, accomplish more
Rather than limit the breadth and depth of our offering, we believe in working with clients who can benefit from our comprehensive approach. Whether a client is developing real estate, looking to exit a company, passing along wealth, or dealing with a family issue, we stand ready to deliver sage advice, personal care and consideration.
Who do we serve?
Families in Florida and up and down the East Coast. Many clients share our entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic—business owners planning for an exit, real estate developers, property owners and agents, professional golfers, physicians, attorneys and families building wealth.
We also work closely with clients who've experienced divorce or the loss of a spouse. Most fulfilling to Zach is serving generations of families, including individuals he "grew up with" as his career progressed.
Listening to clients, educating them and being the voice of reason
Rather than make assumptions about clients, we make time for multiple conversations to help us appreciate their mindset and motivations. We may ask, "Have you thought about your legacy? Is it your intent to leave money to future generations? Are you caring for an elderly parent, planning to put grandchildren through college, or support a charitable cause?"
Answers to questions like these provide us with the insights to create a financial strategy tailored to each client and their family.
Portfolio management that accounts for a client's overall financial risk
Many of our clients assume significant risk in their business endeavors and, therefore, are concerned about additional market risk. To help mitigate investment risk, we formulate diversified portfolios with what is typically a mix of fixed income instruments, preferred stock, global equities, hedge funds, private equity, structured products, ETFs and mutual funds. For each client, we customize asset allocation and use a blend of internal strategies and third-party managers we have trusted for many years.
We also help clients use debt to their advantage— evaluating debt and cash as investments in the context of a client's overall wealth, and, when helpful, utilize the firm's vast personal and commercial banking and lending resources.

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