About Alexander

Alex Bayer is a Wealth Advisor at J.P. Morgan Wealth Management.

Alex delivers a range of wealth planning strategies of prominent, esteemed professors at major universities nationwide who, in addition to their academic positions, have either founded small businesses or have invested in them. His attention to detail and analytical skills resonate with his clients, and Alex forges deep client relationships founded on the premise of integrity and doing what is best for them. He offers the strength of the J.P. Morgan brand, as well as its reputation as a trusted global financial powerhouse with awardwinning research¹ , a strong balance sheet, and a risk management approach.

Alex took a leadership path to a career in financial services, graduating with honors from Regis University with a degree in Finance. Most recently, he was at Morgan Stanley, where he took a leap to found Rincon Hill Investment Group LLC. While at RHIG, Alex published a macroeconomic, research-based newsletter, paralleling his focus on academia. He joined J.P. Morgan in 2022.

Alex lives in San Francisco, and in his free time enjoys playing golf.



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