"I am proud to serve as a trusted advisor to help guide the growth, conservation and distribution of your assets for your family and future generations."
Stephen Malfitano

Stephen Malfitano

"I am proud to serve as a trusted advisor to help guide the growth, conservation and distribution of your assets for your family and future generations."
About Stephen Malfitano


A dedication to what matters most
I recognize and appreciate that the accumulation of wealth is the result of your hard work, ambition and the opportunities you have experienced. Affluence brings with it great responsibility that often produces anxiety and stress. I rely upon my nearly 40 years of combined experience within the capital markets and wealth management segments of the business to help relieve the stress that often accompanies the accumulation of personal wealth.
My approach is holistic and experienced
I provide direct access to exceptional investment advisory services, award-winning research and a broad suite of lending and banking services. My background in municipal bonds and fixed-income securities enables me to build strategies for clients who are concerned with preserving their wealth.
I focus on each individual
My practice focuses on your unique financial needs and offers a full array of personalized services in estate, business and retirement planning. I am proud to serve as a trusted advisor to help guide the growth, conservation and distribution of your assets for your family and future generations.
My reputation has been built one client at a time
Throughout my career, I have advised a broad range of clients including affluent individuals, state and local municipalities and institutions. For me, there is no more rewarding feeling than helping someone in a relevant and meaningful way that enhances their life. I offer a hands-on experience and strive to be your first call as a partner in your financial success.

Investment Approach

Seasoned capabilities
My background spans almost 40 years, during which we have experienced many investment trends and some of the most volatile financial markets in history. This first-hand knowledge provides a seasoned perspective on the need for sound financial decision-making. My focus is to provide wealth management guidance that is predicated on experience and is always in your best interest.
A hands-on approach
I deliver the kind of personal touch that is invaluable when advising individuals and families with considerable wealth. My mission is to build deep, long-lasting and meaningful relationships with clients. I am passionate about delivering on this and strive to be your first call for all of your financial needs.
Holistic wealth management
By listening to you, I can help uncover your priorities and distinct objectives—wealth transfer, philanthropic giving, lifestyle, retirement. These insights are vital to crafting an intelligent and holistic wealth management strategy designed specifically for you.
Serving the entirety of your financial needs
People are most comfortable with a knowledgeable advisor they can trust to care for every aspect of their financial life. In a similar way, I am drawn to the case-by-case nature of wealth management and offer advice and counsel that considers the complexities of your unique financial situation.
Distinctive background
Clients turn to me for my extensive life and capital markets experience, particularly with municipal bond and fixed-income securities. I am a long-term thinker with a conservative approach and manage portfolios that reflect this philosophy. My number one objective is to design investment strategies that help weather any type of market condition rather than deliver extraordinary returns.
Backed by J.P. Morgan, an industry leader in wealth management
At J.P. Morgan Wealth Management, I have direct access to one of the largest and most respected financial service companies in the world. The firm's 160-year history of serving individuals and institutions alike allows me to deliver the highest caliber of wealth management guidance.
By tapping the extensive resources of J.P. Morgan, I help navigate a broad suite of lending, banking, business and credit services that enable me to address the full breadth of your needs.

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