"We provide attentive service to address the complexities of wealth."
Wealth Partners
The Kritzer-Castellaw Group

Wealth Partners
The Kritzer-Castellaw Group

"We provide attentive service to address the complexities of wealth."
About The Kritzer-Castellaw Group


We deliver holistic wealth management strategies to a diverse range of business owners, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and multigenerational families who have worked hard to acquire significant capital and are looking for an experienced team to help organize every element of their financial roadmaps.
Just as most companies have a Chief Financial Officer to oversee their corporate financial affairs, we believe our role as Wealth Partners is equally essential to the clients we serve.
Holistic wealth management
Our team has built our practice upon the pillars of customized portfolio development, liability management and trust & estate planning. We are skilled in pre- and post-liquidity planning, management of large equity positions, executive services and an array of other sophisticated requirements that our affluent clients seek.
Placing clients first
Throughout our careers, we have dedicated ourselves to educating clients about every aspect of their financial pictures. Our objective in providing the highest level of personal service is rooted in a deep commitment to caring for the best interests of families like yours.
By providing trusted advisory guidance, we enable you to concentrate on what you do best, knowing that your personalized goals are being carefully handled.
Our team
David Kritzer and Chris Castellaw lead our four-member team. Integrated support is provided by a host of other talented individuals.
We are backed by an industry leader
Our capabilities are backed by the fiscal strength and stability of J.P. Morgan's fortress balance sheet to help safeguard your assets in various economic environments. We welcome the opportunity to help plan for your financial future and be a partner in your success.

Investment Approach

Attention to what matters most
At the Kritzer-Castellaw Group, we understand that wealth is rarely an end in itself—it is a means by which our clients enhance the lives of their families and future generations. With this responsibility in mind, we deliver holistic wealth management services to oversee the range of financial complexities that often accompany great success.
A relationship-driven process
Our practice was founded to serve the wealth management needs of successful entrepreneurs, business owners and high-net-worth families who seek full-service capabilities. We view ourselves as advocates for our clients, helping navigate the uncertainties of financial choices.
By discussing your income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and trust & estate needs, we gain a clearer understanding of your goals and requirements. Our team provides leadership to manage significant assets across multiple generations.
Specialized focus on the unique needs of business owners
With first-hand experience building our practice, we have a particular affinity for addressing the specialized requirements of business owners and entrepreneurs who may have sold a company or are planning to do so.
Pre-transaction planning—We help evaluate the timing and impacts of liquidity events, and address tax and other considerations. To minimize exposure, we develop hedging and monetization strategies that help capture equity opportunities and avoid excess risk.
Post-transaction diversification—Once a liquidity event has occurred, we diversify proceeds into an individualized portfolio with specific investment goals. We partner with clients' CPAs and other outside advisors to help ensure that critical financial elements are considered.
Executive services
Through our many years of experience, we have become proficient in furnishing support for restricted securities, 10b5-1 contracts, company options and other sophisticated instruments. We work within your risk parameters to create uncorrelated investment strategies that help diversify away from concentrated equity positions.
Cash flow strategies
One current area of focus, given the low interest rate environment, is the development of alternative strategies to generate targeted levels of cash flow.
Active portfolio management
Our asset management approach gives high consideration to the preservation of capital. The teams's long-term objective is to build a core portfolio with tactical or timely additions to help pursue an economic rate of return.
We customize portfolios to the requirements of each client. Typically, we use a wide variety of investment vehicles, including individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts, private equity, hedge funds and other alternative investments.
When needed, we take a more aggressive stance, but do so in a risk-mitigated fashion to help protect existing capital. We may also make tactical adjustments or change allocations to assist in enhancing potential returns.
J.P. Morgan's commitment to excellence
Our team augments our own research with the powerful resources of J.P. Morgan. Our clients benefit from direct access to the intellectual capital, real-time insights and award-winning research team1 that we leverage as part of the firm's due diligence process.

Meet Our Team

Specialist Resources

Our network of product and service specialists provide the specific capabilities and expertise to address your unique financial needs, no matter how complex.



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