Brenda TravagliniBrenda Travaglini
Managing Director
Wealth Advisor

"In each relationship, we begin with a client’s ‘why’—why they work so hard, why they’ve come to us and why now. Listening and learning from clients is not only revealing, it’s inspiring. From multiple discussions, I am able to read between the lines of the statements and documents that I examine—then assess their needs, and coordinate our team’s offering. It’s gratifying to be part of a strategy that touches every corner of a client’s financial picture."

About Brenda

Brenda Travaglini is a Managing Director and Wealth Advisor at J.P. Morgan Wealth Management.

In 2023, Brenda joined the firm with her team after spending most of her 30-plus year career at BNY Mellon.

Brenda has an intuitive sense for people and their priorities. A skilled "connector" and "collaborator," she has a team mentality that brings the right people to the table on each client's behalf, allowing for thoughtful and comprehensive strategies to be developed by her colleagues and network of specialists. Brenda is passionate about cultivating professional relationships that expand her team's knowledge base.

Brenda also feels strongly about bringing clients her financial and emotional intelligence. At the outset of each relationship, she helps clients explore and articulate their most cherished goals. Later, she works alongside her colleagues to formulate a multi-pronged strategy that, in many cases, reflects objectives a client hadn't shared previously with loved ones or good friends.

Summoning her people-and-analytical skills, Brenda specializes in working with successful business owners. Her deep experience with pre- and post-liquidity strategies proves especially valuable to clients, as does her ability to orchestrate the efforts of her colleagues and clients' CPAs and attorneys.

Brenda also helps clients benefit from others she's assisted in similar positions. She feels fortunate to have a long memory and enduring relationships with clients that span generations of their families.

Upon graduation from Boston University, where she earned a B.S.B.A. in Management, Brenda joined BNY Mellon. Although she was ultimately promoted to senior management positions in San Diego and Los Angeles, she realized that she could provide greater value by working directly with clients and providing the type of clear communications she felt clients deserved and rarely received.

Brenda is a proud mom of three sons—one attending Harvard University, one at Boston University where he plays lacrosse, and one in high school. When not at home in Winchester, Brenda enjoys weekends in Cape Cod and trying to improve her golf game.


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