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We have earned a nationwide reputation for providing specialized guidance and a family office experience to business owners and other successful individuals and families. The quality and longevity of those client relationships remind us of the value we provide and the trust we've earned.

At The Travaglini Corcoran Gallagher Murray Group, our perspective on providing superior wealth management has been shaped by our members' 125-plus years of advisory experience. We share a deep desire to deliver a level of knowledge, know-how and attention that clients might not expect—but certainly deserve.
The way we see it, our value extends well beyond dollars and cents. It's best measured over time, by the delivery of highly specialized advice and insight—offered with an authentic, personal touch.

Who do we serve?
Financially-astute individuals and generations of families in more than 25 states—active and retired business owners, C-suite executives, families with newly acquired and legacy wealth, family offices, medical groups, and non-profit organizations whose missions we support and admire.
While diverse in their mindsets and motivations, our clients benefit from our comprehensive approach to managing their wealth. Leaving no stone unturned and nothing to chance, we scrutinize multiple areas of their financial pictures. In fact, most clients are referred to us—by their advisors and existing clients—for a more nuanced and sophisticated degree of wealth management.

Exit planning strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners
One area in which we excel is in working with a business owner's CPA, attorney and investment banker to develop pre- and post-liquidity strategies. Digging deep to understand their reasons for selling, lifestyle cost, and vision going forward, we work closely with owners from early discussions up to, through and beyond the transaction—examining tax ramifications, new investment opportunities, and more.

To serve clients' best interests, we abide by our beliefs and principles:
>> Actions speak louder than words. Our initial meeting with a prospect is a deep-dive. Rather than say what we will do, we get right to work—analyzing their banking and investment statements, identifying risks in their portfolios, building a balance sheet, and introducing ways to be more tax efficient.
>> When we solve an issue that's causing a financial or emotional challenge, we fulfill our responsibility as a caring steward of clients' wealth and wishes. Structured to stay attuned to their evolving needs, we stand behind clients by getting out in front of the decisions they need to make and the obstacles that might stand in their way.
>> Proper planning is a process, not an event, and certainly not a document. Recognizing that clients can make vastly improved decisions in an environment they understand, we keep explanations simple, educate whenever possible and encourage clients to ask questions.
>> In addition to our own competencies, we will call upon our extensive professional network for their insights and assistance. This helps clients avoid common pitfalls—especially in areas of exit and succession planning, business valuations, wealth transfer and philanthropic planning.
>> Keep explanations simple and real. Going beyond spreadsheets and simulations, we will explain what actual outcomes look like and illustrate alternate scenarios. We are here to help clients make wise decisions, not show you how much we know.
>> Each client's estate should be structured appropriately—to avoid, where possible, unnecessary expenses, risks, taxes and legal burdens during life or after death. That's why, with a client's permission, we will work with their legal and tax advisors to coordinate efforts and ensure that decisions are finalized.
>> Serve a limited number of clients, so that we can engage more frequently in conversations about their lives, not just finances. Our ages also align nicely with older and younger members of clients' families— helping us build relationships where mutual interests and experiences make discussions comfortable, rather than a formality.
>> Focus on long-term, tax-efficient investment returns. We will design an asset allocation and core portfolio strategy for each client—accounting for their risk tolerance, investment timeline, liquidity needs and, especially, the goals we've helped them identify and prioritize. Their portfolios may include equities, bonds, and passive ETFs managed to achieve both tax- and cost-efficiencies
>> Help clients use debt to their advantage. We will evaluate debt and cash as investments in the context of a client's overall wealth, and, when helpful, utilize our firm's vast banking and lending resources.

What makes us proud?
>> As a "first call" and "sounding board" for any financial decision, we talk to clients so often that we feel like part of their families. We need to know what drives and concerns clients, without having to consult our notes. We remind clients that the more they ask of us, the more value we can provide.
>> When helpful, we may suggest a meeting with entire families and with clients' other trusted advisors. We have significant experience collaborating with clients' CPAs and attorneys—helping to coordinate their implementation of the tax-minimization, estate planning, and succession planning strategies we design.
>> Working as a team, we have managed clients' money and emotion amid the volatility of 1987, 2000, 2008, 2020 and 2022. A significant majority of those clients remain with us today—three and four generations, in fact. We believe that's due in large part to our ability to manage investment risk and help clients prosper from new opportunities as they present themselves.
>> Handling virtually "anything financial" for good people and wonderful organizations. From multilayered and tax-efficient investment, retirement and estate planning strategies, to liability management, corporate cash management and succession planning strategies, we operate like a family office. Our ability to serve and desire to help are at the foundation of our offering.

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