"We are devoted to the clients we serve, helping them realize their financial goals—not only for themselves, but also for their families and communities."
The Babrick Team

The Babrick Team

"We are devoted to the clients we serve, helping them realize their financial goals—not only for themselves, but also for their families and communities."

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About The Babrick Team


At The Babrick Team, we help an accomplished clientele simplify their financial lives and navigate a more direct pathway to their ambitions. Clients throughout the United States engage our assistance:

  • Company founders and entrepreneurs look to us before, during, and after a liquidity event. We serve as a calm and steady presence, coordinating time-sensitive initiatives and effective collaboration.
  • Business leaders and successful executives look to us for restricted stock strategies, the management of stock-based compensation, portfolio design, and investment counsel. We also provide defined contribution plan consulting for executives and associates.
  • Multigenerational families look to us as a family office that understands their needs, addressing the intersection of their lives and wealth so they can focus on their personal and professional priorities.
  • Endowments and foundations look to us for institutional investment consulting, designing an Investment Policy Statement that aligns with their objectives and risk tolerance, supports their mission fulfillment, and expands their organizational capacity.

A committed mindset
Our team has worked together for many years. We are a collegial group of high-performers, united in a common goal: to help our clients thrive. We have focused our efforts on the high-net-worth segment for our entire careers, so we know what is effective, observing best practices and connecting clients to a refined level of strategy and advice. Our service delivery is disciplined and consistent, predicated on a desire to excel. Here are a few of the ways we differentiate our approach:

  • Communication: we visit and speak with clients regularly, staying apprised of any changes in their lives. We believe that strong relationships are built on frequent interaction.
  • Perspective: we consider a client's full balance sheet before we prescribe any action. That knowledge is essential to designing an efficient, tax-sensitive approach to their wealth.
  • Balance: we strive to provide clients with the information they need to make well-informed, prudent financial decisions. By sharing the insights we have gained, we work consultatively with clients, framing our advice to their specific circumstances.

  • Breadth: we look to make every aspect of clients' financial lives easier and less stressful. That process can entail coordinating with their external tax and legal providers, introducing them to a robust suite of capabilities at the firm, or widening their personal or professional network.

A single point of contact with expansive reach
The clients we serve tend to have complex financial needs and concurrent priorities. We serve as a single, integrated resource that is wholly focused on advancing their interests, steadily and methodically. Our team members offer the analytical rigor and deft leadership that sophisticated strategies can require. We complement that skill set with a genuine desire to amplify each client's success. We offer the services and offerings that you would expect from a preeminent wealth management team, with a concentration in areas that matter deeply to the clients we serve:

  • Pre- and post-liquidity event strategies
  • Debt financing
  • Access to private deal flow
  • Tax-sensitive investing and planning
  • Wealth transfer and family governance
  • Philanthropic strategies
  • Restricted stock / equity-based compensation
  • Defined contribution plan consulting
  • Institutional asset management

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