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The Holstead Group
About The Holstead Group

Offering advisory guidance to affluent families.

We find that for most clients, the accumulation of significant assets is not a goal unto itself. Rather, wealth provides opportunities and experiences that enable you to enrich the lives of your family and future generations. As trusted stewards for these financial aspirations, we invest prudently to grow, manage and preserve your capital.

Support for the complexities of wealth

Our capabilities are trained on the sophisticated needs of high- and ultra-high-net-worth families and foundations who seek comprehensive investment guidance and full-service support. This white glove approach blends institutional-quality investment experience with tailored and boutique level asset management to help care for the thoughtful integration of the entirety of your capital. We employ a conservative style to craft asset allocations that are designed to support your personalized objectives. Long-term strategies leverage the firm's open architecture platform. Short-term plans allow us to remain tactical and adjust to temporary market fluctuations. Emphasis is placed on liquidity planning and cash management which enables us to address a wide range of intricate scenarios to support the totality of your investment picture. As a focus of our practice, we are highly skilled in providing guidance for single stock positions to manage, custody, trade, diversify and hedge as appropriate. Because there are financial impacts to virtually every endeavor, we work seamlessly alongside CPAs, attorneys and other outside advisors to help ensure that all elements of your wealth management picture are considered. By working with a limited number of clients, we are able to provide a trusted and value-added relationship. The Holstead Group welcomes the opportunity to be a partner in your success.

Investment approach

Dedication to what matters most
For many of our clients, significant wealth is a symbol of achievement, hard work, innovative thinking and perseverance. It can also create sophisticated financial issues and require frequent multi-faceted investment conversations.

Drawing on our team's deep understanding of the complexities surrounding ultra-high-net-worth families, The Holstead Group works with clients and their trusted advisors to provide comprehensive investment advice. The team's resources, expertise, experience and capabilities help guide and safeguard the prudent growth of your hard-earned assets.

Delivering hands-on and differentiated customer service
The Holstead Group offers concierge attention and responsiveness to each and every client. By hand selecting and limiting the number of clients the team works with at any given time, we strive to foster exceptional, confidential and long-lasting relationships. We believe that this boutique level of focus is integral to the enduring strength and longevity of our relationships.

Family office style experience
We serve as trusted stewards of your family's legacy, providing leadership and direction to facilitate informed decision-making and prudent investment management. We work seamlessly alongside CPAs, attorneys and other outside advisors to help ensure that all elements of your financial picture are considered. This family office approach provides a continuity of guidance to help secure a legacy for future generations.

Tailored asset allocations
The Holstead Group tailors customized asset allocations that are designed to target individual goals and objectives by leveraging the firm's open architecture platform. The team selects from a carefully vetted array of world-class portfolio managers.

Institution-caliber support
Our background in capital markets and liquidity management enables The Holstead Group to address a wide range of complex situations to support the totality of each client's investment picture. As a focus of our practice, we are highly skilled in providing guidance to hedge, protect, manage, diversify, sell or accumulate large single stock positions.

Backed by an industry leader
At J.P. Morgan, we are backed by one of the largest and most respected companies in the world. The firm's 200-year history of serving individuals and institutions alike allows us to deliver the highest caliber of investment guidance.

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