About Jeffrey

Jeffrey McAleney is an Executive Director and Wealth Advisor at J.P. Morgan Wealth Management.

Jeff serves an array of clients ranging from wealth-accumulating professionals to retirees seeking to convert their assets into an income stream. He assists them in structuring and implementing investment strategies that help position them on a path toward their financial well-being and guides them in funding a comfortable future.

Jeff takes a hands-on approach in creating a wealth plan for his clients, making adjustments as needed to align with their evolving goals and changing market conditions. He monitors each individual's progress to help them stay the course in pursuit of their objectives. Jeff draws satisfaction from assisting them in turning their vision into a financial reality.

Clients describe Jeff as highly professional and appreciate his prompt, effective and thorough manner. They derive additional support from J.P. Morgan's reputation as a global financial powerhouse.

Jeff's career spans over four decades, beginning with Gibraltar Securities (now Royal Bank of Canada). He transitioned to J.P. Morgan in 2008, believing his clients would benefit from its award-winning research, extensive thought leadership and market perspectives.

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire in Durham, Jeff earned a B.A. in Business and Economics.

Jeff lives in Morristown, New Jersey, with his wife, who is his high school sweetheart. They successfully launched two adult daughters into adulthood and have two grandsons. Jeff demonstrates his community involvement by committing resources to the Somerset Hills YMCA. He spends his free time skiing throughout the world, playing golf, enjoying the beach and swimming in open waters. He also has completed multiple sprint triathlons and works out at his gym several days a week.



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