"We understand that wealth is rarely an end in itself—it is a means by which our clients enhance the lives of their families and future generations."
Wealth Partners
The Holland Goodwyn Group

Wealth Partners
The Holland Goodwyn Group

"We understand that wealth is rarely an end in itself—it is a means by which our clients enhance the lives of their families and future generations."

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Top Wealth Advisors Best-In State
2022 • 2021
About The Holland Goodwyn Group


The Holland Goodwyn Group serves a diverse range of successful clients—affluent families and their offices, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, partners in the hedge fund and private equity community, endowments, foundations and professional athletes—who have acquired significant capital and are looking for ways in which to make these assets work for them.
The reputation of an industry leader
At J.P. Morgan Wealth Management, we act as a conduit to one of the largest and most respected financial organizations in the world. The firm's 200-year history of serving individuals and institutions alike allows our team to deliver the highest caliber of wealth management and a breadth of products and services.
Personalized approach to wealth management
We limit our practice to a small number of clients so that we may customize asset allocation and investment strategies to each individual's specific needs. Through open discussion of market ideas, we transform data into information that generates confidence in our approaches.
Our team works diligently to earn our clients' trust, and we handle portfolios as if they were our own. By partnering alongside your team of outside advisors, we help ensure that every component of your financial plan is aligned and works in concert.
Active portfolio management
As members of J.P. Morgan Wealth Management' Portfolio Manager Program, we stand among a select group of advisors who manage client assets on a discretionary basis. To qualify for this distinction, we have undergone a rigorous screening process and are subject to ongoing quantitative and qualitative reviews to assess our investment strategies.
Advisory guidance for sophisticated objectives
We draw on our capital markets background to develop individualized investment plans that target fund opportunities, liquidity strategies, diversification of concentrated positions and more.
Our institutional background affords exposure to a breadth of investment vehicles not readily available to high-net-worth individuals. This differentiation enables us to provide a more sophisticated advisory experience than you may have previously encountered.

  • Structured Notes
  • Alternative Investments
  • Derivatives
  • Yield Curve Swaps
  • Retirement Assets

Investment Approach

Attention to what matters most
At The Holland Goodwyn Group, we understand that wealth is rarely an end in itself—it is a means by which our clients enhance the lives of their families and future generations. With this responsibility in mind, we deliver seasoned financial advisory guidance to oversee the full complement of financial complexities that often accompany great success.
A relationship-driven process
We view ourselves as advocates for our clients, helping navigate the uncertainties of financial choices. By discussing your investments, expenses, liabilities, spending patterns and cash flows, we gain a clearer understanding of your goals and requirements. Our team provides leadership to manage significant assets across multiple generations.
Strategic capabilities
Our capital markets background has primed us to evaluate the timing and impact of liquidity transactions as they relate to market expectations. We address tax considerations, cash flow management and a multitude of other strategic issues that clients may face.
Through our many years of experience, we have become proficient in handling restricted stock sales, block trading, 10b5-1 contracts, and other sophisticated instruments. We work within your risk parameters to create uncorrelated investment strategies that help diversify away from concentrated positions.
Confident handling of multiple asset classes
We have found that one of the most important factors in portfolio management is an intrinsic understanding of the global markets and a familiarity with the range of investment vehicles available. Among the instruments that we typically employ in portfolio construction are ETFs, fixed income, derivatives, structured notes, and other alternative investments. Yield curve swaps add tactical flexibility and short-term advantages.
A focus on risk mitigation
Clients often express concern for the volatility of the industry and the economic conditions that may factor into their financial decision making. To lessen these impacts, we use hedging techniques and other approaches to help capture equity opportunities while balancing risk and exposure.
Holistic approach to wealth management
Our team strongly believes that investment recommendations cannot be effectively evaluated in a vacuum. As your dedicated team at J.P. Morgan, we function seamlessly alongside your other advisors to help ensure that the entirety of each financial scenario is considered.
A gateway to a wealth of resources
We draw from the research capabilities and investment platform of J.P. Morgan, a global leader in asset and wealth management. Our clients may benefit from the substance of our investment proficiency, which we couple with direct access to the resources of one of the largest and most respected financial firms in the world. By leveraging these powerful synergies, we deliver a breadth of entrée and institutional-quality service typically reserved for the world's largest investors.

  • Asset Allocation
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Corporate Retirement Programs
  • Executive Services
  • Credit and Lending
  • Mortgages
  • Trust and Estate Planning

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