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"At Gilman Private Wealth Management, we strive to relieve the financial stress that often accompanies significant achievement."
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Gilman Private Wealth Management

Gilman Private Wealth Management's deeply personal approach goes beyond wealth and investment management. We strive to create lifelong partnerships to bring your affluence to its full potential.


Experience. Opportunity. Growth.

Gilman Private Wealth Management takes pride in the J.P. Morgan Wealth Partner designation it has earned. J.P. Wealth Partners are backed by the strength of a leading global firm, with more than 200 years of proven Morgan experience and over $2 trillion in assets under management.

There is a common misconception that Financial Advisors only focus on investing. One of Gilman Private Wealth Management's distinguishing talents is our team's ability to look at the big picture and seamlessly integrate our client's investments, income requirements and personal goals into one comprehensive wealth management plan. We accomplish this through our custom Wealth Foundation Program, which is comprised of six pillars covering all aspects of our client's financial life. The Wealth Foundation Program allows us to seamlessly integrate our client's investments, income requirements, and personal goals, into one comprehensive wealth management plan, called an Investment Policy Guideline. Our fundamental philosophy is that the concept of wealth management is more akin to a journey than a sprint. The art of multigenerational planning is not about thinking about what the market will be doing today, rather, it's considering the enduring, sequential impact that the choices clients make today will have on their families in the long term.

At Gilman Private Wealth Management, we strive to relieve the financial stress that often accompanies significant achievement. Our team is structured to assist you in navigating the complexities of significant wealth. We deliver comprehensive advisory guidance to attend to every element of our client's financial situation:

As part of the Wealth Foundation program the clients of Gilman Private Wealth Management automatically subscribe to, we have the powerful IPG six pillar process. This proprietary approach which comprises a call/meeting with the client for each pillar allows members of Gilman Private Wealth Management to have a hands-on approach to wealth planning, touching the entirety of our client's financial lives. The end goal: be a value add to all clients, covering all facets of their Investment Policy Guidelines in a high-touch and effective system.

The 6 Pillars are:
1. Cash Management & Banking Services
2. Estate Tax Planning, Inheritor Services & Wealth Preservation
3. Balance Sheet Management
4. Income Tax Planning Strategies
5. Asset Allocation Management
6. Risk Management Services

Our group welcomes the opportunity to both support your family and build your legacy. It is a privilege to help protect and transfer what you have worked so hard to build. As trusted stewards of your family's legacy, we provide leadership and direction to manage family dynamics across multiple generations. Since we understand that the continuity of financial values is important, our team assists with guiding and preparing younger generations for the responsibilities that accompany the inheritance of wealth. With our Next Generation Education Planning Program, we can help ensure that the heirs of your estate will be ready to cross the bridge of wealth when the time comes.

To work on such an intensive scale, we harness an unparalleled level of connectivity and, moreover, the power of our team's vertically integrated backgrounds to provide multiple layers of networking and know-how that help enhance our clients' lives. At Gilman Private Wealth Management, we are more than just your Financial Advisors. We are your life mentors and are just a phone call away.

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