"It is our mission to be your family’s trusted wealth advisor so that you become a client for life."
Wealth Partners
The Kelly Group

Wealth Partners
The Kelly Group

"It is our mission to be your family’s trusted wealth advisor so that you become a client for life."
About The Kelly Group


At Kelly Group Wealth Partners, it is our mission to be your family's trusted wealth advisor so that you become a client for life. We strive to help you and your family pursue your life goals by utilizing our proven, value-based, long-term investment philosophy and integrated wealth management strategies.
We are a family team operating with honesty, integrity, trust, and results. Helping families pursue their life goals is at the core of what we do. We invite you to explore a relationship with us.

Goals-Based Planning

Each client has a range of specific and diverse goals, from retirement to education, to philanthropy. We work with you to understand, define, quantify and prioritize these goals, ultimately translating them into a unique wealth management and investment plan for you. Proper goals-based planning can provide you with greater confidence that you can reach your long-term goals. This process is ongoing and refined throughout our relationship as your goals evolve. The success of your plan is measured through your progress toward your goals over a long period of time.

Investment Approach

We employ a proven, value-based, long-term investment philosophy, creating diversified portfolios comprising individual securities that are focused on our highest-conviction ideas. Whether you are hands-on or hands-off with the decision-making process, investment services are provided directly by The Kelly Group. This gives you full transparency and knowledge of the investments in your portfolio.

A Family Office Approach

We provide comprehensive wealth management through a personalized approach similar to a family office–incorporating investment, planning, banking and lending to service the financial needs of high-net-worth individuals, families, and their businesses. With this personalized approach, we work with multiple generations of families to implement wealth transfer strategies for the next generation.


Jack, John and Rob Kelly have over 100 combined years of portfolio and wealth management experience advising clients in good times and bad. We are members of the J.P. Morgan Wealth Management Portfolio Manager Program, a select group of advisors who undergo a screening process to manage discretionary client assets and are subject to ongoing reviews. With this experience and expertise, clients see us as a source of strength, stability and comfort.

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