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"We believe that clients value our abilities and integrity, just as we value our relationships with them. By applying decades of experience and our complementary skillsets, we are able to achieve desired tax-adjusted returns and manage risk across clients’ investments, tax situations and estate planning considerations."
About Woodall Raring Group

As goals-based advisors, we devote ourselves to gaining a genuine appreciation of where clients stand (financially and personally), where they'd like to go, and what they believe stands in their way. Getting to know each client is not a one-time event. Frequent conversations keep us aware of their evolving mindsets and motivations.
Who do we serve? Generations of families led by successful real estate developers and investors, business owners, C-suite executives, physicians, attorneys, and prominent individuals in the sports and entertainment industries.
Our investment strategies focus on tax-adjusted returns
On our clients' behalf, we tailor sophisticated income and growth strategies – with an emphasis on achieving consistent, tax-adjusted returns. In fact, more than most advisors, we focus on maintaining tax efficiencies for each client throughout the year—not just at tax time—so that benefits can be enhanced on an ongoing basis. We also make it our business to coordinate with clients' CPAs and attorneys to align our efforts, strategies and tactics.
To inform our investment decisions, we utilize internal and external research, as well as our own, to formulate each client's portfolio according to their risk tolerance, liquidity needs, investment timeline and—most importantly—the goals they've discussed with us. Their holdings typically span asset classes and sectors, and may include individual equities, bonds, ETFs and alternative investments.
Our offering requires an extra measure of time that many advisors do not expend. However, we believe that clients deserve our very best and extended efforts—across investment, tax and estate planning—when positive results can be achieved.

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