"The Purpose Driven Investment Group  Meet Your Goals + Make a Difference "
The PDI Group

The PDI Group

"The Purpose Driven Investment Group  Meet Your Goals + Make a Difference "

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About The PDI Group

Imagine going to bed at night knowing your finances are in good hands with someone who has your best interests in mind, AND that your investments are supporting you and your family as well as the causes that you care about most. Whether you want to:

  • get clear on how to fund your goals and enjoy a comfortable retirement
  • optimize the financial aspects of complex stock compensation options
  • invest in innovative companies and funds that align with your values
  • address climate change through your portfolio
  • optimize your philanthropy, gifts, wealth transfers, and charitable giving.
  • feel like a person, not a number
  • (or all of the above) ...we've got you covered.

At Purpose Driven Investment Group, we help you think about and plan for your current financial goals, as well as the legacy of your wealth including how your assets can benefit future generations, charities, and institutions.

Working together with you

Who we serve
Our clients are individuals and families with wealth who want to positively impact the world. We don't have one "type" of client. We are open to chatting with anyone who fits the description above and enjoys working with our well-defined process. That said, here are some common themes in our client base.

>> Bay Area parents who are tech and biotech executives or employees.
>> Inheritors who want to direct their inheritance toward positive change.
>> Multi-generational families with legacy wealth.
>> People who hold concentrated positions of a stock, pre-and/or post-IPO.
>> Strong, independent women who are head of household whether as part of a family or on their own

We start with getting to know you… not just your balance sheet. What were your parents like with money? What scares you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What helps you sleep well at night?

As our name suggests, we want to know: What is your purpose? And how can we help achieve it?
Comprehensive planning—By addressing your entire financial picture, we can care for cash flow to fund your current lifestyle, investment strategies to prepare for your children's education/your retirement and offer guidance for trust & estate planning.
Asset management—Our team builds investment portfolios comprising a mix of asset classes based on your risk and return assumptions. We often combine equities for long-term growth and fixed income to generate current income. Fixed income is also used to help stabilize portfolios during periods of volatility in the marketplace.
Tax-advantaged investing—We seek to minimize taxes by:
>> holding investments in tax-deferred retirement accounts such as IRAs and 401(k) plans, and 529 plans for funding education;
>> selecting investments that are exempt from taxes, such as municipal bonds;
>> reducing portfolio turnover by utilizing ExchangeTraded Funds (ETFs) to decrease capital gains taxes; and
>> harvesting tax losses to offset portfolio gains.
Alternative investments—These investments are defined as vehicles other than stocks, bonds and cash, and may be used to diversify portfolios, provide protection against losses and offer the opportunity to increase overall portfolio returns. Common types of alternative investments are hedge funds, private equity funds and commodities.
Hedging—This is a strategy that helps protect assets against the risk of a market drawdown. There are many ways to implement a hedging strategy, such as structuring derivative products.
Personal banking—We offer a suite of services to support your day-to-day money management needs, including checking, savings and more.
Lending—We deliver various types of lending strategies to support your personal and business needs, from sophisticated mortgages to short-term lines of credit.
Trusts and estates—Our team understands the need for structuring assets to protect your hard-earned legacy. We work alongside your advisors to understand and plan for the transfer of wealth to your heirs and execute your philanthropic wishes.
Retirement planning—We help you determine the income stream you will need to support your lifestyle when you are no longer working. We do so by developing an investment plan that supports your goals and establishing the proper accounts that allow your assets to grow on a tax-deferred basis.

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