Christian AchChristian Ach
Executive Director
Wealth Advisor

"I serve the investment needs of high-net-worth individuals, delivering comprehensive guidance that helps enhance and protect assets for families and future generations."

About Christian

I am an Executive Director and Wealth Advisor with J.P. Morgan Wealth Management and a partner at Purpose Driven Investment Group.

I help my clients invest in alignment with their personal values, so they can shape the legacy of their wealth to not only meet their financial needs but also to benefit future generations, charities, and institutions.

Empathetic and compassionate, I enjoy getting to know each of his clients- from their hopes and dreams to their financial history and relationship with money, to their favorite sports team. My keen listening and emotional intelligence put my clients at ease, knowing I truly understand their goals. My financial acumen allows him to guide clients through the complex financial ramifications of major life events, like the sale of a closely held company, stock option compensation or inherited wealth.

My professional background includes roles at Bear Stearns Private Client Services, CIBC-Oppenheimer, and as a software executive.

Outside of the office time, you won't find me at the country club or the golf course, but rather spending quality time with my wife, Andrea, and my two kids. We enjoy hikes in the Bay Area, skiing in Tahoe, and visiting family in Colorado.



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