Edward J. Duffy, Jr.

"I help you accumulate, preserve and transfer your assets, integrating all aspects of your wealth plan."
About Edward J. Duffy, Jr.

A comprehensive approach to wealth planning.

Most Advisors plan as if life proceeds in a straight line; education, career, family, retirement and estate issues follow a linear path. Life, however, is lived on highways and runways, cul de sacs and roundabouts, quadrangles and lecture halls.
My role as Wealth Advisor is to make sure whatever road you find yourself on, you have a plan in place. By adopting a comprehensive approach encompassing the whole range of wealth management, I help you pursue your important goals. These plans are created and updated often so all current information is included.
Many people have dreams and say, "I wish." My clients have dreams and say, "I can." To help you be successful, I work alongside your attorneys and accountants to ensure integration of all aspects of your planning. My network of product and service specialists within the firm provides the specific capabilities and expertise to help address your unique financial needs, no matter how complex.1

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