About James Jacob

From the time James joined a regional brokerage firm in 1980 to present, his goal has been to offer his clients best-in-class strategies. James’ early focus was on bank stocks and municipal bonds, the core strengths of his firm. This dual focus led to many relationships with institutional and private investors that endure to this day. As James continued to build his business among high-net-worth private investors and regional institutional investors, he discovered numerous corporate clients that could potentially benefit from innovative strategies. The result of James’ efforts over the course of the 1990s and the 2000s was: A focus on stock option and corporate equity strategies in the mid-Atlantic states An interest rate product and credit business that spanned two continents, and counterparties ranging from supranational organizations to hometown banks A private client business that supported clients seeking thoughtful strategies At J.P. Morgan, James has returned to his small firm roots. Here, he finds himself surrounded by some of the most innovative individuals in the industry. The firm’s balance sheet helps to reassure his clients that James and the firm will both be viable to continue working toward each client’s unique goals.

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