"We work with a limited group of clients by design, becoming an essential member of their inner circle. Our advice and guidance touch every aspect of their financial lives, from their families and careers to their intentions and aspirations."
The Tucker Shevlin Group

The Tucker Shevlin Group

"We work with a limited group of clients by design, becoming an essential member of their inner circle. Our advice and guidance touch every aspect of their financial lives, from their families and careers to their intentions and aspirations."
About The Tucker Shevlin Group

At The Tucker Shevlin Group, we help a busy and accomplished clientele do more with their wealth. The clients who engage our advice tend to have complex financial affairs that require sustained focus and intensive customization. We are proud to work with a high-achieving clientele, fostering deep relationships grounded in mutual trust and genuine friendship.
We became Wealth Advisors because we wanted to help people relieve the burdens that substantial wealth can pose, allowing them to regain time in their lives for the people and pursuits they value. Clients look to us as extensions of their own family—an expectation that we welcome. Our team is well positioned to advise clients for decades to come—from matriarchs and patriarchs through mid-career professionals and rising generations.
Our life experience and market exposure have deepened our perspective, allowing us to draw on a broad reservoir of knowledge. Together, we offer more than 60 years of experience in investing and wealth management, sharpening our understanding of best practices.
Attuned to your situation
The clients who engage our help hail from varied paths:
- Business owners. We have extensive experience in business structuring and pre-liquidity-event planning, helping business owners optimize a potential transaction. The earlier we begin this process, the greater impact we can have. We are also adept in helping business owners create reliable cash flow after the sale of their business, aligning their investments with their near-term and long-term goals.
- Corporate executives. We appreciate the many demands on executives' time. They look to us to help manage their trading plans, diversify concentrated positions, optimize their compensation and pass wealth to the next generation in a tax-sensitive manner. We also support family foundations, helping clients enact strategic philanthropy that can advance multiple objectives.
- Women business owners, investors and executives. We believe that women are underserved within wealth management circles. Our co-founder, Crista Tucker, appreciates first-hand the many demands that women face in navigating their commitments while overseeing their wealth. We look to remedy this gap, providing women with the direction, clarity and organization to identify their goals and pursue those aims more efficiently.
- Multi-generational families. We are proud of our enduring record of service to the families in our care, many of whom span two and three generations. We serve as a single resource for far-reaching needs, from tax-sensitive investing and trust services to financial planning, higher education savings, banking and lending, family wealth dynamics and next-generation stewardship.
- Nonprofit organizations. We recognize that endowments, foundations and other charitable organizations require crucial support for fiduciary asset management, as well as administration, board and staff education, and governance. We are deeply experienced in Investment Policy Statement design and implementation, aligning our work with an organization's risk parameters to pursue greater financial stability and organizational capacity.
Our values in action
- We are extremely responsive. If an issue is important to you, it is important to us. You can reach us at any time.
- We follow through. We don't rest easily until you rest easily. We appreciate the importance of seeing initiatives through from beginning to end.
- We understand your situation. Your life, your needs and your interests are top of mind. We work with a limited number of families by design so that we can provide the focused attention you deserve.
- We live our values. Honesty, integrity and reliability are part of the fabric of our team. We demonstrate these values in the way we interact with you, helping you pursue greater fulfillment and long-term success.

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