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"We are a nationally recognized wealth management team, proud to help clients gain greater confidence and direction in managing their wealth. Clients look to us for our investment acumen, our high-performing culture and our demonstrated care for them and the people they value."

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2024 • 2023
Top Wealth Advisors Best-In State
2024 • 2023


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Top 100 Private Wealth Management Teams
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About The Phil Scott Group


At The Phil Scott Group, we help people pursue meaningful goals around their wealth, providing them with honest advice that reflects the distinctive nature of their situations. We have earned a number of national honors, gratified to have a significant impact on the people and institutions we advise.
Our experience in wealth management is notable for its breadth and depth. Our founder, Phil Scott, has worked in investing and financial strategy since 1984. Phil set out to build a team that would be a single source for the needs of an accomplished clientele. Now a robust group of 18 professionals, our team is close-knit and hardworking, united in our pursuit of excellence. Together, we look to help clients design a pathway to their ambitions, lending ease and coordination to their financial affairs.

A different kind of team

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Phil Scott has looked to foster many of the same qualities in our team that he witnessed firsthand at the Academy: collaboration, hard work, honesty and integrity.
We place a strong value on diligence—creating a client experience characterized by attentiveness, precision and deep engagement with each person or family.
Here are a few of the ways we differentiate our approach:

  • We provide clients with the attention they deserve. When clients engage our team, we take the time to get to know them—not only their balance sheets, but their goals, concerns, family dynamics and long-term aspirations. It is this personalized approach that allows us to fine-tune our efforts, helping advance their objectives with focused attention.
  • We appreciate the importance of cash flow. For many clients, cash flow is a key consideration. Some clients need to "replace their paycheck" after selling a business. Others need to establish a steady income stream in retirement to maintain their lifestyle. And still others have liquidity considerations due to the nature of their underlying assets. Whatever a client's situation, our team is highly skilled in pursuing ways to create reliable cash flow, designing an efficient pathway to sustain steady income.
  • We offer a proprietary investment program. We take investing very seriously. Our investment program features a long-term track record, reflecting our disciplined approach. Our Investment Committee meets frequently to discern market opportunities and to refine our risk assessment, asset allocation and security selection. We offer a seasoned perspective that has witnessed numerous market cycles and economic environments. Our longevity as investors has heightened our ability to maintain poise and a longterm outlook, even during periods of market volatility.
  • We provide a viewpoint and perspective on the markets and the economy. We arrive at our views on the investment markets and the economy through diligent research and active collaboration among the members of our Investment Committee. We share that perspective with our clients, unafraid to express our convictions and impart our vantage point.

Continuity for you and your family
Wealth management is about trust and relationships. When clients engage our team, we work hard to maintain that trust, walking with them through important aspects of their lives. We believe in candor and honesty—qualities we bring to our conversations, our decisions, and our forthright analysis of investing and risk.
Client referrals are our primary source of new relationships—a fact that inspires us to summon our best efforts for the people we advise. We work with clients at varied life stages and have particular depth supporting families in preserving wealth across generations. Each family's story is distinctive—a fact that lends vibrancy to our work.
We strive to make clients' financial lives less burdensome while restoring precious free time to their schedules:

  • We unify and align multiple aspects of client wealth. Clients look to us for much more than investments. Our bench of deeply credentialed specialists includes professionals in trust and estate planning, wealth transfer, financial planning, retirement planning, and banking. Together, we look to uncover possible efficiencies across the context of client wealth, integrating a tax-sensitive perspective.
  • We are reliable. It's sometimes said that a team reflects the clientele it serves. We're gratified by that comparison. Many of our team members have been with our group for decades. That stability has heightened our ability to execute well as a team. It has also entrenched our "institutional memory" for each relationship, allowing us to develop a cogent understanding of each person or family.
  • We follow through. Our team is principled on the belief that our clients deserve the highest standard of care. To that end, we look to make life easier by reducing stress and aggravation. When people call our office, they reach a live person who understands their needs. We also return calls and emails promptly. Ultimately, we strive to treat people as we would like to be treated—the "golden rule" that is the bedrock of sound relationships.

We welcome the chance to speak with you about your wealth management needs relative to our capabilities. Please reach out to any of our team members, and you will hear back from us directly.

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