"We look to serve as core, trusted advisors to the families we serve. They rely on us as their first phone call for anything financial, providing the immediacy and comfort that characterize our practice."
The Hodgson Coyle Group

The Hodgson Coyle Group

"We look to serve as core, trusted advisors to the families we serve. They rely on us as their first phone call for anything financial, providing the immediacy and comfort that characterize our practice."

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About The Hodgson Coyle Group


At The Hodgson Coyle Group, we look to provide a different kind of experience for the individuals and families we serve. We offer technical insight and years of experience guiding high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families. But more important, we pride ourselves on being people of integrity who put client interests first. That principle has been the foundation of our work—and equally the foundation of our success. By looking out for client interests, we are proud to have created a culture of mutual trust and loyalty.

A team to rely on
We built our team, steadily and purposefully, as a single source for diverse needs. Clients from varied paths, including business owners, corporate executives, real estate investors, technology entrepreneurs, and wealthy families, look to us for a sophisticated caliber of strategy. We are a team that offers continuity across generations, connecting with clients from different life stages. Our Advisors, Sam Hodgson and Stephen Coyle, can help guide family members at different points in their trajectories, smoothing the transfer of wealth and cultivating strong stewardship across generations.

Close-knit ties with sustained attention
We work with a select group of families, dedicating significant energy to each relationship. Each of our engagements begins with an in-depth plan—one that delineates goals that we track annually. We pride ourselves on steady execution that is in harmony with clients' intentions for their wealth—the blueprint of our overall approach. We also conduct quarterly portfolio reviews to align their investments relative to their objectives and market conditions.

Accomplished families look to us for offerings that reflect an intimate understanding of their needs:

  • A comprehensive financial plan
  • Portfolio design, including access to alternative investments
  • Tax-sensitive wealth transfer
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Pre-liquidity-event planning
  • Access to residential and commercial lending

Service designed to exceed expectations
Each of our team members offers an ingrained work ethic and dedication to client well-being. If we don't immediately know the answers to client inquiries, we are skilled in tracking them down, providing clients with reassurance, reducing stress, and forging a clearer path to their ambitions.
As important, we love interacting with our clients— hearing about their lives and walking with them through significant events in their professions, families, and personal passions. Many of our relationships have matured into long-standing friendships. We are honored by these ties, mindful of the value of client trust. Client referrals are our primary source of new relationships—a fact that spurs our continuing commitment to excellence.

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