"Our mission is to help successful families live the lives they want – and to take care of the people they love and the causes they care about – without having to worry about money."
Mohamed Merola Private Wealth

Mohamed Merola Private Wealth

"Our mission is to help successful families live the lives they want – and to take care of the people they love and the causes they care about – without having to worry about money."

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At Mohamed Merola Private Wealth, we don't try to be all things to all people. Instead, we attend to the specialized financial needs of a select clientele that spans generations. Each day, we help accomplished individuals and families accomplish more – by helping them understand and answer the great questions of their financial lives.
We are proud of the clients we serve – and the manner in which we serve them.
Having structured our practice after the way that family offices work with the world's wealthiest people, we enjoy a reputation for providing an uncommon measure of comprehensive wealth management, acumen and attention. Who do we serve? Clients with significant wealth and expectations – founders and CEOs of privately-held companies, as well as other self-made individuals who share our energy, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit.
We admire clients for their values and visions. Satisfying both is our passion.
As an established team of veteran advisors, we are well equipped to understand the decision points that clients face – whether they're thinking about exiting a company they founded, leaving a family or philanthropic legacy, or examining the merits of a new venture. We also challenge clients to think beyond the obvious. It is our intent to help them satisfy meaningful goals with purpose and precision.
Helping optimize the results of life-changing liquidity events.
Our deep experience with exit and succession planning strategies helps us identify key issues for business owners before decisions need to be made. For both startups and established companies, we help owners build on their visions of success – and answer important questions, including these:
>> What type of financial legacy do you want to leave?
>> When is the right time to sell?
>> What is the right type of buyer for your business, given your preferences and priorities?
>> If you're planning to sell to employees, do they have enough money and share your values?
>> After the transaction, how do you envision your daily life? Do you want to keep working at your company, start a new venture, give back to the community, or just kick back?
>> Do you have a buy/sell agreement or other contracts in place? Or do you only have a "handshake" deal?
Once questions are answered, we can:
>> Develop a financial strategy that helps ensure that your overall financial plan aligns with your legacy and charitable goals – all while planning for taxes and other obligations associated with the transaction.
>> Create or adjust your retirement plan (if your goal is to retire post-sale) and help estimate retirement income, set up accounts, and manage cash flow.
>> Help you to build an expert team of specialists that will assist with the exit planning and sale process.
We define our offering as a rich repository of knowledge and best practices.
However, our capabilities mean little if we don't stay on top of your needs – and respond to those needs, in a timely manner. As our client, you can expect that we will:
>> Help ensure that your wealth and wisdom are passed along to your children. We may try to gather your family members for discussions, so that your work ethic and values can be shared and understood.
>> Help you make informed decisions and avoid emotional ones. Our proactive efforts are meant to help you plan and prepare for situations you anticipate and those you don't.
>> Do our best work when your needs grow in complexity. We enjoy meeting challenges and crafting solutions. The more that we work together, the more value we can deliver.
>> Help you leverage debt, access lines of credit and mortgage solutions, and benefit from the breadth and depth of our firm's vast resources.
>> Align our tax minimization and estate planning strategies with those of your CPA and attorney, or a professional we can recommend. On many occasions, we have served as a client's referral to surgeons, realtors, private aviation specialists, and even, landscapers. We treat clients like good friends and feel privileged that many clients do the same.

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