About The Becker Capps Alberts Group

Our client-driven approach

We work directly with a select group of ultra-high-net-worth families, business owners, physicians and institutions. We partner with clients to help navigate the highly personal world of significant wealth, so they are free to focus on what matters most—their passions and loved ones. Our team offers clients the intimacy of a boutique firm combined with the global resources of J.P. Morgan.

We have deliberately built a talented, multi-generational team with diverse backgrounds to offer informed perspectives in navigating the complexities of wealth. One of our core values as a team is to deliver a white-glove service experience and we take pride in stewarding our clients' wealth with exceptional care and attention.
As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we have a fiduciary duty to put our clients' interests first. We take an intimate approach by getting to know who you are, your preferences and what you aspire to achieve. A deep understanding of your values, short- and longterm priorities, cash flow needs, attitudes toward risk, and investment time horizon serve as the foundation for strategic planning that grows alongside your family.
Grounded in this understanding, we dedicate ourselves to helping you simplify the complex. Serving as the single point of contact, we guide you to navigate life's milestones while working to anticipate and then react to forces outside your control in the markets, the economy, and the world. Our planning strategies incorporate tax mitigation, estate planning, debt management, retirement, Social Security, Medicare, and generational wealth transfer. We work collaboratively with you and your legal and tax advisors to ensure each decision aligns with your larger financial situation, all while supporting your goals. Insights from this planning process drive our asset allocation and investment recommendations.
Portfolio Management
As members of the J.P. Morgan Wealth Management Portfolio Manager Program, we stand among a select group of advisors who undergo a screening process to manage discretionary client portfolios and are subject to ongoing quantitative and qualitative reviews to assess our investment strategies. We leverage J.P. Morgan's industry-leading research with our bottom-up and top-down analysis to craft tailored portfolios for our clients to target their goals around capital appreciation, income and wealth preservation.

Foundations, endowments and family offices

When partnering with foundations, endowments and family offices, The Becker Capps & Alberts team leverages J.P. Morgan's Endowments & Foundations Outsourced Chief Investment Office. The E&F CIO is responsible for establishing overall long-term investment policy and portfolio construction for endowments and foundations around the world. This dedicated team of investment specialists leverages J.P. Morgan's global resources to deliver endowment-style investing.

Dedicated Team: Our investment decisions are driven by a dedicated team that focuses 100% of their time and resources on Endowment & Foundation portfolio management—17 senior portfolio managers and over 150 research analysts across the globe, managing more than $37 billion in customized solutions on behalf of our clients. We offer a full-service suite of services, including, but not limited to:

Investment management

  • Investment plans tailored to specific goals, risks and return requirements
  • Disciplined risk management, manager selection and monitoring

Single- and multi-asset strategies

  • A range of alternative investments and access to direct deals
  • Full spectrum of sustainable investments
  • Liquidity, treasury and cash management

Intellectual capital

  • Guidance on governance and investment policy
  • Timely publications and white papers on topics of interest
  • Real-time analysis from specialists embedded in local markets around the world

Endowment portfolios: Strategies are designed to meet investment requirements while mitigating drawdown risk and volatility. Clients receive access to global asset managers and investment opportunities, including alternatives and sustainable investments. Our open-architecture platform enables us to use a wide range of industry-leading solutions to meet clients' objectives.
Advice grounded in leading proprietary research: Through J.P. Morgan Asset Management, we have access to the industry-leading Capital Market Assumptions research, which has been published for over 20 years. These assumptions are fed into a proprietary tool to help us estimate future returns and provide the basis for allocating capital in our investment proposals. This intellectual capital not only helps clients with their initial strategy but also serves as a tool for on-going annual reviews to meet client objectives over the long term.
We use passive vehicles actively: We employ a hybrid approach seeking to reap the benefits of both active and passive management. Our Endowments & Foundations CIO Team develops active views across asset classes, regions, sectors, and styles, and carefully selects traditional active or pure passive platform funds best suited for each investment decision, or requests onboarding / potential creation of new platform vehicles when available implementation isn't sufficient. The team actively manages the entire portfolio, including passive vehicles. This allows us to target risk and return in a far more precise way, with vehicle expense ratios that are highly competitive.
We use size to our advantage: We actively negotiate with providers to deliver access to vehicles with lower fees.
We offer a guided choice: We believe incorporating client preferences in the context of our advice leads to better client outcomes over time.

Investment and fiduciary strategies for corporate retirement plans

We bring a global perspective and specialized resources to guide sponsors of Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit plans—401(k)s, Cash Balance plans and more. We understand that plan fiduciaries often invest significant time and require specialized knowledge to attend to fees, perform investment due diligence and make fund selections. We partner alongside corporations to keep plans simple, costs reasonable and incorporate prudent processes to help manage fiduciary responsibilities.

Dedicated team: The J.P. Morgan Institutional Retirement Plan Solutions Group helps our team address your unique needs by providing access to specialized tools and a global network of professionals.
Investment due diligence: Together with the J.P. Morgan Manager Solutions team, we follow a due diligence process that looks beyond past performance to distinguish skill from luck, thereby helping to reduce risk exposure.
Comprehensive plan consulting strategies: We present services tailored to your retirement plan needs that help mitigate exposure to risk and volatility. Our ability to support open-architecture investment platforms enables us to use a wide range of industry-leading strategies to meet clients' objectives.
The benefits of a different approach

  • World-class fiduciary services for your plan needs
  • Ongoing recordkeeping due diligence by J.P Morgan
  • Portfolio strategies and the management of participant directed plan investment menus
  • Ongoing investment monitoring and performance reporting
  • Streamlined process, developed over many years of experience, to help you fulfill your plan responsibilities

Meet Our Team

Specialist Resources

Our network of product and service specialists provide the specific capabilities and expertise to address your unique financial needs, no matter how complex.
Wealth planning for all the stages of your medical career and personal life

Helping you succeed, from residency through retirement

Regardless of where you are in your journey, our team can help you navigate the increasingly complex financial decisions you face.
From the challenges of student loan management to the excitement of your first paycheck, all the way through decisions about how to grow and then transition out of your practice, we will be by your side.
Our specialized knowledge can help you address the specific challenges that physicians face. Our financial planning approach will adapt to your changing needs as you move through your career and life. We offer access to a deep bench of professionals who will ensure that everything works in harmony – and nothing is left unaddressed.
Find out more about the strategies and solutions we provide, which are designed to help you build and protect wealth at every stage.



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