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"With more than 25 years of investment experience through many market cycles, I provide tailored financial planning, portfolio management, borrowing options and other capabilities that enable you to engage in a life well-lived, knowing that the totality of your assets are being carefully handled."

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2024 • 2023
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Offering comprehensive wealth managementI provide wealth management services for high-net-worth individuals and their families, delivering advisory guidance that covers all aspects of your financial picture.
With more than 25 years of investment experience through many market cycles, I provide tailored wealth management planning, portfolio management, borrowing options and other capabilities that enable you to engage in a life well-lived, knowing that the totality of your assets are being carefully handled.
Goals-based processI employ a deep discovery process that considers both sides of the balance sheet to gain an understanding of your risk parameters, time horizons and the financial objectives that are most important to you. These inputs lay the foundation to create short- and long-term strategies designed to grow alongside you and your family. Emphasis is placed on rigorous cash flow analysis and evaluating liabilities as well as assets to determine how they may be better managed. I find that this goals-based approach positions me to strike a balance among the full complement of your wealth management needs.
Experience-driven capabilitiesI began my career at Merrill Lynch where I worked with high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth Individuals. My extensive background as a wealth manager and the vast capabilities at J.P. Morgan have afforded me an excellent understanding of the financial landscape to help clients navigate the best strategies available.
Access point to J.P Morgan's capabilitiesBy tapping the extensive resources of J.P. Morgan, I open up more of the firm's offerings and opportunities to address the breadth of your advisory needs. I work in concert with your estate planning attorneys, CPAs and other outside advisors to help ensure that the entirety of your financial requirements are addressed:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Restricted Stock and Options Trading
  • Sophisticated Mortgages
  • Securitized Lending
  • Cash Management
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Philanthropic Giving

Investment Approach

Plan. Enhance. Protect. MonitorMost clients invest to grow and maintain their wealth, but I have found that wealth is rarely an end in itself; it often serves as a springboard toward your personal and business aspirations and goals. For 25 years and through many market cycles, I have worked diligently to build financial strategies that help your assets work for you.
A holistic approachI start by taking a holistic view that cares for the wealth management requirements necessitated by the entirety of your assets–from investment strategies and executive compensation to retirement planning, mortgages and philanthropic considerations. My mission is to help you manage your capital and secure a legacy for the next generation.
A disciplined processRecognizing that every financial scenario is different, I use a consultative process and study the details of your specific situation to construct an assessment that forms the foundation for my advice. This involves a diagnostic deep-dive that looks at both sides of the balance sheet, considering expenses and liabilities as well as assets to see how they may be better managed.
Comprehensive financial planningFrom these inputs, I design tailored strategies and asset allocations that align with your risk parameters and help pursue short- and long-term objectives. A primary output of this process is a wealth management plan that blends rigorous cash flow analysis with goals-based planning. Scenarios are modeled using month-over-month data to determine the probability of achieving potential outcomes.
Core proficienciesOnce individualized opportunities have been identified, I tap the extensive resources of J.P. Morgan to provide a wealth of value-added services. I am particularly adept at developing approaches to address your specific goals for your financial picture.

  • Portfolio development
  • Lending, Credit and Mortgages
  • Restricted Stock and Options Trading
  • Retirement Plans
  • Concentrated Positions

A Reputation Built one Client at a TimeI aim to develop enduring relationships that add value to my client's lives. I hold myself to an exacting standard in the pursuit of delivering on that promise. One of the most important principles I have learned through my years of wealth management experience is that by working with a smaller, select group of clients, I ensure each relationship receives the time and effort it deserves. My differentiated experience sets me apart from other financial advisors, and I welcome the opportunity to help enhance your capital and protect what you have worked so hard to build.
Backed by an industry leaderI am pleased to provide direct access to the full resources of J.P. Morgan on your behalf—the extensive research and suite of products and services available through the global financial capabilities of the firm. You will benefit from the fiscal strength and stability of our fortress balance sheet to help safeguard your assets in all economic conditions.

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