"We proudly serve as a responsible steward of clients’ wealth and as a responsive sounding board for their ideas and questions. The multi-generation relationships we enjoy and the referrals we receive tell us we’re providing value which creates benefits for years to come."
The Radcliffe McNally Team

The Radcliffe McNally Team

"We proudly serve as a responsible steward of clients’ wealth and as a responsive sounding board for their ideas and questions. The multi-generation relationships we enjoy and the referrals we receive tell us we’re providing value which creates benefits for years to come."

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About The Radcliffe McNally Team


At The Radcliffe McNally Team, we take a distinctive, multi-disciplined approach to wealth management. We expect you'll find it is more comprehensive and meaningful than what you might find elsewhere.

We serve successful people, from all walks of life

Largely through referrals, we have attracted an impressive clientele which spans generations and the nation's geography—founders, serial entrepreneurs and other business owners, physicians, attorneys, private equity and other financial executives. We also work closely with a loyal circle of retired individuals and non-profit organizations whose missions we admire and support.
From multi-layered retirement and estate planning, to succession and exit planning, liability management and cash management strategies, we operate very much like a family office—looking to brighten clients' full financial pictures, as well as their outlooks.
As an established group, we take a "team approach"—sharing perspectives and providing clients with our deep reserve of knowledge and know-how. This dynamic creates immeasurable benefits for clients who sell their enterprises, transition from a work life to a retirement lifestyle, look to leave a family legacy, or are challenged by difficult life events. A distinct combination of skillsets Our advisors trace their roots to the practice of law and wealth management. Putting their heads together and applying their individual competencies, they bring clients fresh ideas and forward-thinking recommendations that address complex situations with sophisticated strategies.

What do we believe?

  • Given our backgrounds, we have tremendous respect for the importance of estate planning strategies. We also have a natural affinity for identifying, optimizing and maintaining tax efficiencies for clients throughout the year, not just at tax time.
  • Recognizing that clients can make vastly improved decisions in an environment they understand, we educate at every opportunity. Our goal is to help clients feel secure in the present and feel optimistic about the future. By doing our jobs well, we can help clients who work and play hard, rest easily.
  • Our wide-ranging ages and interests allow us to work naturally with "older and younger" clients—laying the groundwork for close and enduring relationships. Many clients have become our friends—sharing their happy and sad news with us, as friends do.
  • We will not only leverage our financial and legal knowledge, we will also call upon our extensive professional network, creating an advisory experience which helps clients avoid common pitfalls while achieving their most cherished financial, business, philanthropic and estate planning goals.
  • Attention must be paid to both sides of clients' balance sheets—assets and liabilities. We focus extensively on helping clients manage their liabilities and use debt to their advantage. We also give clients easy access to residential, securities-based and commercial banking strategies through J.P. Morgan.

We want to appreciate each client's mindset and motivations

We ask questions of clients—some expected, some not:

  • What was your previous advisory relationship like?
  • Why are you here? Did you come for a more comprehensive approach?
  • How did you fare during the volatility of 2008, 2020 and 2022?
  • Who are you responsible for?
  • If applicable, how do you want your children to live, after you pass away?
  • What financial lesson do you want to pass along to your heirs?
  • What brings you joy and what's your greatest financial fear?"
  • How often should we contact you? And what role would you like us to play?

Putting ourselves in clients' chairs, we listen without judgement. We are here to learn, educate and help clients explore their visions of a fulfilling life.

Many clients are pleasantly surprised by the breadth and depth of our offering.

You can expect we will:

  • Apply a fiduciary standard to our efforts and always put your needs first. To us, this means collaborating with you and your spouse (whenever possible).
  • Strive to help you make thoughtful, unhurried decisions, rather than emotional ones. Our efforts are designed to increase the probability of your success, even when life's challenges may feel overwhelming.
  • Work collaboratively with your CPA and attorney. We help to direct their implementation of the tax minimization and estate planning strategies we develop.
  • Do our best work when your needs grow in complexity. Putting our heads together, we enjoy meeting challenges. The more you ask us to do, the more value we can deliver.
  • Explain what actual outcomes look like in simple terms, without needless financial jargon. Going beyond spreadsheets, we will illustrate alternate, real-world scenarios and discuss them with you.
  • Provide a family-office-style approach which is comprehensive in every sense of the word. We scrutinize our clients' portfolios, tax situations, trust and estate documents and insurance coverage, and assist with bank, credit and lending requests.
  • Take a risk-managed approach to investing. By encouraging clients to share our long-term perspective on growing and preserving wealth, we look to achieve reasonable, risk-adjusted returns with customized portfolios. These typically include ETFs, mutual funds, and separately managed accounts, and utilize third-party managers we've known and trusted for years.

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