A commitment to each client.

I serve people like you—successful individuals and families, early-stage entrepreneurs and owners of established businesses.

I assist you in developing strategies within various investment vehicles that can help bridge the gap between investments, trust and estates and tax planning. I also help you establish and manage 401(k) plans for your business and offer access to business banking and other personalized services.
My services include helping you manage and diversify concentrated stock positions, taking advantage of various hedging strategies to conserve and protect your wealth.
I begin each engagement with an in-depth conversation to learn about you and your environment, values and beliefs, which includes an understanding of your previous investment experiences and how you feel about risk. I pair my experience with designing a plan tailored to your goals and needs. I serve as a liaison to your team of advisors, including your accountant and estate planning attorney, to help ensure a uniform approach in our decision-making process.
I deliver access to J.P. Morgan's extensive suite of products and services, which I customize to address your situation:

ㅤ• Banking and lending
ㅤ• Alternative assets
ㅤ• Planning
ㅤ• Cash-flow modeling
ㅤ• Asset allocation Investment management
ㅤ• Trust and estates
ㅤ• Donor-advised funds
ㅤ• Philanthropy
ㅤ• Tax mitigation

Investments & Wealth InstituteTM (The Institute) is the owner of the certification marks "CIMA," "Certified Investment Management Analyst," "CPWA," and "Certified Private Wealth Advisor." Use of CIMA, Certified Investment Management Analyst, CPWA, and/or Certified Private Wealth Advisor signifies that the user has successfully completed The Institute's initial and ongoing credentialing requirements for investment management professionals and/or wealth advisors.

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