About The Atwood Group

Reasons clients come to us

  • You find yourself underserved elsewhere
  • You are moving from illiquidity to liquidity or are planning for future liquidity
  • You're a high-profile executive, founder or professional investor seeking to manage the complexity of your wealth, work and family

What we do differently for you

We distinguish ourselves in key areas that are critical to families with substantial wealth.
Multi-family office approach
We work with a finite group of highly affluent families so that we may help oversee your full balance sheet in concert with outside specialists.
Discretionary portfolio strategies
As members of the J.P. Morgan Wealth Management Portfolio Manager Program^,1^we have designed portfolio strategies that we customize in consideration of each client's needs and expectations.
Cash flow modeling
We review and provide feedback on expected expenses, including near-term cash needs, to establish a cash management plan.
Charitable planning specialists
Our team reviews your past and existing philanthropy, helps explore further philanthropic goals, and reviews your current charitable plan, adjusting as needed.
Educational seminars
We offer workshops designed to help increase financial literacy, wealth transfer success and investor confidence. Recent sessions have included Preparing to Launch, Women of Wealth, Money in Relationships and Introduction to Stocks & Digital Assets.
Connections and networking
We make introductions to estate attorneys, CPAs and other professionals, and bring together people on a personal level to share synergies.

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