"With more than 100 years of combined experience, we take a family office approach to wealth management"
Wealth Partners
The Firstman, Horncastle, Cram, Worley Group

Wealth Partners
The Firstman, Horncastle, Cram, Worley Group

"With more than 100 years of combined experience, we take a family office approach to wealth management"

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About The Firstman, Horncastle, Cram, Worley Group

Building a financial legacy for families and institutions.

Everything we do is rooted in our desire to be the team you trust to manage your money.
We serve a select group of like-minded clients who are sophisticated investors with complex balance sheets, including multi-generational families, endowments, and foundations. Our focus is on integrating all facets of their wealth into one comprehensive financial picture that enhances potential outcomes while minimizing taxation.
The four principals of our group bring over 100 years of combined experience, sharing thought leadership that informs our guidance. We are skilled in addressing the full complement of a client's goals, including investment management, income generation, consumer banking, estate planning and other requirements necessitated by substantial assets. To do so properly, we provide direct access to the vast global resources of J.P. Morgan, helping clients feel confident that they won't miss out on the advantage of cutting-edge insight or an emerging opportunity.
When families experience a transaction event, we help guide them through what are often life-changing impacts, tapping best practices employed by similar clients whose wealth has evolved to an institutional level. For those individuals with concentrated positions or restricted holdings, we build strategies that complement their overall exposure and their view on market risk.
Experience has taught us the importance of maintaining a consistent asset allocation during both good and challenging times. This sound methodology is underscored by our understanding of the different components that comprise each client's portfolio.
Client coverage is a vital component of our team. Through a high-touch and very concierge approach, we help navigate the complexities of each unique scenario. Our relationships span decades rather than years, and we are highly involved in educating the next generation about the responsibilities to come.

Meet Our Team

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Our network of product and service specialists provide the specific capabilities and expertise to address your unique financial needs, no matter how complex.

Anthony D. Werley
Chief Investment Officer, J.P. Morgan Outsourced CIO/Endowments and Foundations Team

Personalized guidance begins with a conversation.
Access the firm-wide capabilities of a global financial leader at your side. Take the next step to unlock new opportunities that align with your financial goals.