"Our clients look to us for intellectual rigor, intensive customization and a deeply ingrained work ethic. We enjoy helping clients achieve more with their wealth, aligning their values as people with their goals for their capital."
Wealth Partners
The SWYT Team

Wealth Partners
The SWYT Team

"Our clients look to us for intellectual rigor, intensive customization and a deeply ingrained work ethic. We enjoy helping clients achieve more with their wealth, aligning their values as people with their goals for their capital."

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About The SWYT Team


At The SWYT Team, we are proud to advise a high achieving clientele who rely on us for a differentiated level of strategy and guidance. The core of our team has been together for 25 years, with an exclusive focus on ultra-high-net-worth families and endowments. This continuity allows us to apply the knowledge and insight we have gained, supporting clients in weighing their options and capitalizing on their opportunities. Nationally recognized by Forbes and Barron's, our team members look to deliver a client experience that is noteworthy in its impact and immediacy.
We serve a limited number of households and institutions by design. The customization we offer simply cannot be mass produced. As a result, we tend to develop long-term relationships with clients, becoming an integral part of their lives. Several of our client relationships span more than three decades—a consistency that helps us deeply understand a client's family, supporting the second and third generations in establishing a more secure financial framework.
The clients we advise
The clients who engage our team have attained their wealth in varied ways. Many have generated their wealth through a concentrated ownership position—a private business, public stock, real estate or carried interest. Others include endowments and foundations that look to us for tailored investment management to pursue the critical work that they perform in their communities and the world at large. Whatever a client's background, we derive tremendous satisfaction from helping people. We're skilled problem solvers, designing thorough approaches to complex issues. We're often gratified to learn we have succeeded in resolving long-standing challenges for clients, simplifying their financial affairs.
Investment acumen refined over decades
Our team members have been active in the capital markets for many years. We have witnessed numerous market cycles and economic environments, providing us with the composure that stems from a long-term perspective.
We differentiate our investment approach in the following ways:

  • Institutional-caliber access and strategy. We are pioneers in adopting the "endowment-style investment philosophy" for non-profits and ultra-high-net-worth families.
  • Alternative investment knowledge. We have material experience with alternative investments, including private equity, private real estate, hedge funds and venture capital.
  • Customization that clients perceive first-hand. Our portfolio-design process reflects the painstaking effort of synthesizing client information—their spend rates, risk profiles, tax circumstances and liquidity constraints—and embedding these parameters into each client's investment approach.
  • Education and communication. We know how important it is to communicate regularly with clients about their investments—not simply during bull markets, but also during volatile periods. We spend significant time with clients, nurturing the investor behaviors that are critical to long-term success.
  • Technical proficiency. Three of our team members— Robin Yoshimura, Scott Thomlison and Sonya Oliver—hold the CFA®certification, widely regarded as the most esteemed investment credential in the industry. Scott Thomlison also holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) certification, a noted fiduciary distinction considered the pinnacle attainment in financial planning.

Unified planning and execution
Significant wealth tends to be accompanied by significant complexity. We're adept in clarifying the full scope of clients' finances, helping people deploy their wealth thoughtfully and purposefully. One of our most precious assets is client trust. We look to provide clients with the caliber of advice and attentiveness we would want for our own families—an ethos demonstrated by the diligence we bring to our work:

  • We listen attentively. We begin each relationship with an openness to learn and listen. Only after we have distilled each client's circumstances do we formulate our approach, identifying factors to consider, possible efficiencies to be gained and gaps to be remedied.
  • We ground our work in a written plan. Planning is an essential part of our client collaboration, serving as the blueprint for our work together. This document naturally evolves, recording a continuum of progress and pinpointing new objectives.
  • We take pleasure in serving clients exceptionally well. There are many factors out of our control: the investment markets, tax legislation and global economic conditions. However, one aspect of our practice that we can control is the service we provide—a facet of our work that we look to deliver to the highest standard possible.

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