"Our clients value our ability to coordinate and simplify the complexities of their financial lives. We, in turn, strive to treat clients as we would want to be treated, surrounding them with an exceptional level of attentiveness and care."
The Rutledge Custodio Team

The Rutledge Custodio Team

"Our clients value our ability to coordinate and simplify the complexities of their financial lives. We, in turn, strive to treat clients as we would want to be treated, surrounding them with an exceptional level of attentiveness and care."

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Top Women Wealth Advisors Best-In State
2024 • 2022
Top Wealth Advisors Best-In-State
2024 • 2022 • 2021
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About The Rutledge Custodio Team


At The Rutledge Custodio Team, we recognize that significant wealth is accompanied by opportunities, as well as challenges. Clients look to us to provide leadership, structure, strategy, and organization, smoothing the intersection of their lives and wealth.
Our team is a tight-knit group that offers a different kind of client experience:
>> You have access to all of us. We are a team in the true sense of the word. We work together to support you, combining our strengths to help you advance your goals. Close collaborators, we ensure your needs are top of mind. Together, we look to do all we can to advance steady progress toward your ambitions.
>> Your needs command our attention. We serve a limited number of clients by design. Our approach simply cannot be mass produced. It is intensive, deeply customized, and thorough. Our clients appreciate the immediacy of our advice and the diligence of our process.
>> Your peace of mind is the metric that matters most. We don't simply speak those words. We live them through our actions. The decisions we make, the scope of services we provide, the accessibility we offer—these offerings are designed to provide you with the peace and confidence to live a more fulfilling financial life.

Perspective that stems from experience

Our team founders, Theresa Rutledge and Tony Custodio, have each worked in investing and wealth management for more than three decades. They are joined by team members A.J. Tarpley, Cynthia Cougoule, and Katherine Ryan—each of whom draws on significant exposure to the needs of an accomplished clientele.
We've worked with wealthy individuals and families throughout our careers, so we are keenly attuned to their priorities. Clients from varied paths have engaged our assistance, including technology founders, senior executives, private equity and venture capital principals, real estate investors, and athletes.

Here are a few of the ways we add value to our clients' lives:
>> Long-term planning. Financial planning is integral to our approach, aligning multiple variables to help clients define their goals, consider their risk tolerance, weigh their intentions, evaluate their options, and provide the structure to pursue their objectives more effectively.
>> Portfolio design. Our investment process is firmly centered on the nuances of each client's situation, encompassing a tax-sensitive perspective. We customize each portfolio to reflect a client's time horizon, cash-flow needs, risk tolerance, and wealth-transfer objectives, adhering to a disciplined approach designed to yield long-term growth.
>> Wealth transfer and legacy design. We have significant experience in trust design, working in concert with a client's external tax and legal advisors, as appropriate, to advance steady collaboration. We also draw on extensive knowledge of philanthropic services and family foundations, supporting clients in creating meaningful impact on their communities, near and far.
>> Clarity and consolidation. Some clients engage our help after working in demanding careers for decades. Typically, they have wide ranging assets in multiple locations. They look to us to help streamline their financial affairs, reducing inefficiencies and remedying possible gaps.

Service that cements strong relationships

We've long believed that there are many things you can't control in wealth management: the investment markets, geopolitical concerns, and economic shocks, among others.
A fundamental tenet of our practice, however, is that you can control the quality of service that clients experience. We aim to serve you exceptionally well. Here are a few of the ways we look to deliver on that premise:
>> We are extremely accessible and responsive. We pride ourselves on answering our phones, returning emails promptly and providing you with the reassurance you deserve.
>> We relieve the administrative burdens of significant wealth. We are eager to reduce stress and aggravation in your life and restore time to your schedule. We've tackled some interesting requests over the years and listen with an open mind, unleashing our team of capable problem-solvers upon your needs.

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