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About The HDYG Team

"We are a steady presence in our clients' lives, serving as a clear, independent voice that can help them manage financial complexity, navigate estate and multi-generational decisions, and assist them in communicating the vision and values attendant to their wealth."

As a team, we appreciate that significant wealth poses both opportunities and challenges. We strive to help clients use their wealth as a means to something greater—security for themselves and their families, a springboard for their personal passions, generosity for their favorite causes, or another calling—as they define it.
We care deeply about the clients we serve—something we convey through our daily decisions and interactions. We are proud of our team and equally proud of the clients we serve: good, kind people who tend to view wealth as an opportunity to have a lasting impact on others, whether preserving wealth, and its impact, across generations or engaging in mission-driven service to their communities or the wider world
Our values in action
Our record of service is deep and enduring, with experience counted in decades, rather than years. Here are a few of the aspects of our team that differentiate our approach:
- Focused on you—not us. Speak to us for a few minutes, and you will hear something different. We are genuinely interested in you, your needs and your challenges. Our primary role is to listen and understand your goals and needs, and then find answers. We appreciate your values, and we live our principles: integrity and an abiding sense of care for the people we advise.
- Capable problem solvers. As people often realize, wealth does not necessarily dispel problems; sometimes it magnifies them. We appreciate that dynamic, supporting clients in seeking positive outcomes from their wealth. For some, that may mean a more cohesive path to their goals. For others, it may mean navigating the complexities of estate planning and the dynamics of multi-generational wealth. And for our nonprofit clients, it can mean charting a path to greater stability, organizational capacity and improved social impact. We are skilled in clarifying what needs to be accomplished, creating a cogent plan and sustaining steady momentum toward those goals.
‎‎- A stable, loyal team. We build long-term relationships with the clients we advise, sometimes touching three and four generations of client families. Our team is purposely designed for continuity, with advisors and team members spanning life stages and perspectives. This characteristic allows us to connect easily with others—from matriarchs and patriarchs through Millennials and Gen Z.
A sturdy and dependable presence in your life
We appreciate that financial decisions can have ramifications that extend well beyond a balance sheet. Our experience working with similarly situated clients has heightened our ability to help people resolve the thorny issues that can intersect life and wealth. We ground our efforts in detailed financial planning that is the outgrowth of information gathering and analysis, identifying a hierarchy of priorities and following through with consistency and clarity.
Our commitment to clients is real and palpable. We work hard to make sure that clients know their needs, goals and objectives are at the forefront of our efforts:
- Portfolio design that begins with you: Our approach to investing is profoundly client based. We begin with each person, family or nonprofit organization to determine what they want to accomplish, their understanding of risk, their time horizons and cashflow needs, and their tax situation, as appropriate. The outcome is an organic alignment of these inputs, rather than conformity to rigid, pre-established investment models.
- A concierge approach to service: We know how busy you are. Whether you are juggling work, family, or community commitments—or all three—we believe one of our greatest assets is our ability to restore time to your life. Our deep bench of service professionals excels in shouldering the administrative and operational burdens of wealth, allowing you to allocate time to the people and priorities you value most.
- Walking with you through life's decision points: We built our team with high standards in mind—not simply for the finer points of wealth strategy—though we're skilled in those, too. We are a close-knit team that cares very deeply for the clients who have entrusted us with their well-being. Our character comes through in our actions—the attentiveness with which we listen, the thoroughness with which we prepare, and the reliability with which we follow through. We're here for you when you need us—an honor that inspires our work and compels our best efforts.

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