"We provide an artisanal approach to service, portfolio construction and financial planning, helping clients simplify their wealth and pursue the lives they envision."
Wealth Partners
The Alta Group

Wealth Partners
The Alta Group

"We provide an artisanal approach to service, portfolio construction and financial planning, helping clients simplify their wealth and pursue the lives they envision."

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About The Alta Group


Your wealth should work for you. That belief underpins our relationship-based approach at The Alta Group.
We are a deeply experienced team of Advisors and Associates, committed to a common purpose: empowering and educating clients to help them deploy their wealth with greater insight and care. Fifteen people strong, our team is a single source of integrated wealth management encompassing investing, financial planning, wealth-transfer, retirement strategies, succession planning and family-wealth dynamics. Our Advisors have earned a number of national accolades from Forbes and Barron's—honors that speak to our commitment to excellence.
Our team offers the knowledge that derives from direct experience advising an accomplished clientele. We are proud to serve as trusted members of clients' inner circle, helping them advance their priorities and chart a path to their aspirations. Clients look to us for a differentiated level of advice and guidance—an expectation that we strive to exceed through the hand-crafted nature of our strategies.
A high-striving team
At the Alta Group, our work is inspired by a clientfirst ethos. We convey this belief through the care and consistency we bring to our relationships:

  • Interactive, human-based connections. Wealth management is primarily about people—their goals, concerns, needs and aspirations. We take the time to gain a perceptive understanding of clients' wealth and all that goes with it—both challenges and opportunities. Together, we strive to support clients in pursuing the positive outcomes of wealth and sidestepping its pitfalls.
  • Relationships founded on integrity. Clients know when you are looking out for their best interests. It comes through in decisions, large and small. At the Alta Group, we look to be people of our word. We're not interested in chasing fads or selling "shiny objects." We look to help clients gain a precious commodity— financial security for themselves and the people and causes they value. When clients speak with us, they tend to hear something different. We are focused on their needs, eager to put them at ease and genuinely interested in their lives.
  • An emphasis on stewardship and client education. True wealth lasts more than a single generation. Our team works to cultivate long-term wealth for the clients we advise. Many of our relationships span decades, allowing us to serve as an extension of a client's family, deeply attuned to their preferences and needs. We believe strongly in client education, helping identify methods to transfer wealth effectively to the rising generation. We also work extensively with clients' children and grandchildren, helping them adopt the habits and practices of sound stewardship. "We provide an artisanal approach to service, portfolio construction and financial planning, helping clients simplify their wealth and pursue the lives they envision.".

A single source of integrated wealth management
The clients who seek our advice often have a hierarchy of wealth-management needs and competing priorities. We help them organize and clarify their financial pictures, maintaining steady momentum on multiple aspects of their wealth. The depth of our team allows us to perform several wealth-management functions "in house," yielding greater clarity and collaboration.
We offer extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Investing: Several of our team members hold the CFA certification, widely regarded as one of the most esteemed investment credentials in the industry. As fiduciaries, we are obligated to pursue a client's best interests—an important distinction. Our investment approach features both technical and fundamental analysis—a differentiating factor among our peers. We offer an artisanal approach to portfolio construction, refining our asset allocation to reflect a client's distinctive risk tolerance, time horizon, asset class preferences and cash-flow needs.
  • Wealth Planning: Several of our team members hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification (CFP®), a fiduciary designation considered the pinnacle attainment within the financial planning community. Deeply versed in the complexities of substantial wealth, we aggregate multiple variables to discern where clients are in their financial lives. We then engage in active dialogue to discuss a pathway to a client's goals and aspirations, documenting those objectives within a written plan. We regularly revisit this plan, noting the evolution of clients' priorities and identifying new objectives and aspirations.
  • Service Delivery: Our team understands the importance of client ease and convenience, committing extensive resources to our service team. We look to make clients' day-to-day lives simpler and less timeconsuming, taking on the administrative burdens that wealth can pose. Relationship-focused, we build long-term ties, allowing clients to regain precious time for their personal and professional pursuits. In-person meetings and phone conversations are the backbone of our approach. By design, we are patient and proactive, pinning down details the first time so that clients can enjoy greater poise

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